Book of Ken-Kazaroth

Field Note:

Vehicular Surveyists discovered a temple complex, most of it was buried in muck but what remained was highly intriguing. The primary antechamber was still exposed, and within it was a gigantic Panopticon formed of black stone. It was decorated with obsidian depictions of Men with Zweihanders; peculiar.

It took 3 consecutive attempts to scale the Panopticon, and inside of it was a unique set of objects: A book bound in black dragonscale (something that I would be inclined to consider extremely rare), and a photograph. Which captured a group of hooded figures clutching a skeleton of an Unknown species:

The Book that was also uncovered is contained below, Happy Reading!

Book of Ken-Kazaroth

Written by His most loyal savants; the Words of King Kazaroth have been made Law of His People.

Transcribed Directly from the Obsidian Plates, sent to us by the Black King.

The one True Tome of the Ken-Kazaroth: Kazaromonarchia Demarchia.

It is the sacred duty of serving our King that rewards us. For our mighty Lord is a creature of sacrifice; and such sacrifices are most certainly worth the costs.

Such are the ways of the Black King, who guides us of the Ken-Kazaroth. For we have indulged in the honor of summoning Kazaroth, and for our communion we have been gifted; the Powers of Fierce Leadership, of great strength and cunning. We are together all Mayors, Presidents, Dukes, Earls, and Kings. For that is the darling reward of our servitude to the King: All hail Kazaroth.

Firsthymm of Kazaroth

O Kazaroth, O Kazaroth
Give us Truth, Give us Strength, Give us the Silver-Tongue
We serveth thee, We serveth thee
O Kazaroth, O Kazaroth
Giveth to all who serve the power of the Black Gods
O black King, spare us your wrath and deliver unto us your wisdom
O black king, our Mighty Kazaroth, our Mighty black Lord.
O Kazaroth, grant upon his the Obsidian Plates, so we may spread your teachings far and wide
O Kazaroth, Black King, Black God, grant us your power, O Kazaroth.

The First Hymm of Kazaroth, carved directly into the First of Ten Obsidian Plates. To be sung in honour of our King, and to be writ upon all offerings given to the Lord. King Kazaroth is the Archduke of Leadership, and can grant thee the power to acquire it effortlessly. Be it the strength to overthrow others, or the cunning to outwit your adversaries. Such are the boons of our King, who only demands in return thy service to Him and his Black Dukes.

Every Hymm hereon is to be sung exactly by 17 men of the age of 20; and they must be backed only by the plucking of 3 lyres and 1 bass. For those are the demands of our Lord, sent directly to us through the 10 Black Plates — he is at our side, for now and until we pass onto the next plane.

However, the Firsthymm is to be sung only by the tender voices of 12 virgin girls; of indiscriminate age below 25. So that our Lord may be entertained by the thunderous tunes of his followers most devout — Ken-Kazaroth.

Secondhymm of Kazaroth

O, Kazaroth: Lord of all Black Things.
Grant us your wit, your tenacity, your strength, your wisdom.
For we needeth your grace.
Eternal Grace
Eternal Grace
Such, O Kazaroth, are your blessings, O Kazaroth.
Spare us your wrath, O Kazaroth, our King tried and true
Feed our enemies fallacies, and cut them to bones and bits with your cleaver, O King.
So we may survive off the scraps of your Rapture, O Kazaroth.

It is so that when the mighty King’s rapture bathes the World in Black, and when his greatest Earl Eippengheist tears the planes asunder with his mighty greatspear; we may be spared as his Holy children. Servants of the Black Gods, forever and forever to serve under King Kazaroth forever, until eventually even we are to become Black Gods. So it is our sacred duty; our only duty, to continue the work of Spreading the Word. King Kazaroth is the Way; and through his boons, we will supplant all other cracies until only those of Kazaroth remain.

So, unto Kazaroth we obey — and to the Sacred Lion we pray in his Honor. The Tarbosaurid is the animal of Kazaroth, and no member of Sapient Kind may slaughter or even touch a scale of the Beast without invoking the eternal ire of Kazaroth.

Thirdhymm of Kazaroth

Kazaroth, my King
You stand tall and fair
Your crown of horns like the rays of Sun that you seek to sunder
Give our foes nightmares
And bind the wills of the infidels to Us,
As we have bound our wills to You, O Kazaroth.
Hail Kazaroth!
Hail Kazaroth!
All Hail Kazaroth, Our King most Glorious: the Black King, the Final King.

Those who seek to destroy us shall be sent asunder, and shall be rended into pieces by the great Eippenghiest; Judge, Jury, and Executioner. And all infidels shall be cast to the deepest depths of the Stygia, so that their souls may be forgotten and devoured by King Kazaroth — so that we may live forever in unending loyalty. Those to be given the justful penance of eternal damnation shall never see Light again, nor will they ever see the Face of Kazaroth in their sleep as true Devotees do. King Kazaroth is not merciful, not to infidels, not to lesser beings, only to those who serve him most willingly. Even those abominations who serve the Ken-Kazaroth not out of loyalty or devotion, but out of a promise of survival, shall be cast into the stomach of our King upon death.

Kar-Kento Kazaro

The sacred tenets of King Kazaroth, those to be forever obeyed until Time itself is torn apart — Transcribed directly from the 2nd Obsidian Plate. All those who do not worship the Kar-Kento Kazaro are Infidels, Lessers, and Heretics; and are subject to the hallowed Antirapture.

First.—Those born of the Ken-Kazaroth are trueborne heirs.
Second.—King Kazaroth is truth, King Kazaroth is the only God; all others are false or but servants.
Third.—To serve any lesser Black God is to serve King Kazaroth.
Fourth.—Those without Phalluses are lesser creatures to be but thralls.
Fifth.—To submit to Kazaroth and come from another background is the Highest of Virtues.
Sixth.—Killing another of the Ken-Kazaroth, direct or indirect, is forbidden.
Seventh.—To Lie to a servant of the Black Gods is to Lie to the face of Kazaroth.

It is said that the Archdevil Krazor came from the Abyss of Hell as King Kazaroth’s Acting Hand to bestow upon our First Leader the 10 Obsidian Plates. Each Plate was transcribed into the Kazoromonarchia Demarchia; and this written translation is the Tome we venerate today. In the very second of Krazor’s plates were the Kar-Kento Kazaro. The Archdevil himself spoke to the First Leader and said:

Let these be the Tenets unto follow for the Rest of Time, for My King demands such from thee all.

And then and there He thrust-ed his halberd into the Ground and created Great Fissures. The sacred daemon Krazor plucked 10 plates from the hot ground, made from shimmering obsidian. He held a book in his hand to which he bestowed to the First Leader, and He told him this:

“The Wisdom of Kazaroth is what I bestoweth, transcribe these writings and return to me the plates in 27 moons.”

An upon them contained everything known of our King, and everything that he wanted us to Know of Him; and to him we are his Lambs. We are to bestow upon ourselves the holy duty of maintaining the Kazaromonarchia Demarchia; so that when King Kazaroth and his loyal Lords ascend from the Hells of this World we may be given sanctuary in their Names.

Messengers of Our King

When the Devil Krazor delivered to us our Holy Black Plates he told of his compatriots, trueservants of Kazaroth. And when he collected the Plates at the end of the 27 moon cycle, he give the First Leader one final dictionairre to inscribe. So, in the honor of the Archdevil Krazor, and His and Our Lord King Kazaroth; we listeth figures most divine. Who come in fifteen.

  1. Enkyith.—Who came first of Kazaroth’s Lot, and blessed Sapient Kind with the Kin of Kazaroth by breeding with the Sacred Lamb. Her Child became the first Leader, and this divine knowledge was kept secret until Krazor made it known.
  2. Tatedith.—Who led the First War in Kazaroth’s Name against the Black God of Lies; and after the war Eippengheist would join his side as loyal Earl. He began the eternity of Glorious Hatred that permeated the Unspeaking Ire of Kazaroth; and so with his halberd he shall guideth all of Ken-Kazaroth to the Afterlife.
  3. Algemith.—He who taught the first Man of Philosophy, and He who only asked, “Why?”. He who betrayed the Black God Bephemiel to join with the King Kazaroth after the First War.
  4. Shemyith.—Who chased away an ancient group of tarbosaurids, pursuing them as the mutilated carcass of a packmember. It was He who baptized these creatures, and made them of King Kazaroth.
  5. Tenkith.—Savant of Feculam and Envoy of King Kazaroth; who withered away all who touched Him. He bestowed upon the fittest of us immunity to the Plagues; and so now us Ken-Kazaroth stand strong amidst the deluge of Plagues.
  6. Arshith.—Said by Krazor to be the elector of the First of the Kings. He bestowed upon that King, a tribe oh-so desperate, the power of King Kazaroth, and so that Man became the First King.
  7. Yestith.—Firstshield of King Kazaroth, and a guard most valiant. He led the King’s legions into battle against the Living Scourges of Feculam’s making. It is said by Archdevil Krazor that all who come seeking help from King Kazaroth are first seen by Yestith.
  8. Anstrith.—Who came from the Darkness to guide us, and who gives to us the black dragonscale by which he bind our tomes. The Master of Parchment, and said by Krazor to have translated the Black Plates from the 4 hallowed tongues in which King Kazaroth conceived them.
  9. Ambith.—Maker of Obsidian, for Our King most valiant. He forges sculptures of Black Glass, spectacles which represent each the triumphs of King Kazaroth. He wieldeth a greathammer through which he forges his glass, and it is said that only leaders of the Ken-Kazaroth met Him to be bestowed a hallowed sword of Glass. For which to be used to governeth the hallowed clique of Kazaroth.
  10. Koroxith.—Archdeacon of Kazaroth, who sits on a Black throne holding a great anaconda with three tongues; and who promises the power of the Serpent to the Pontiffs of the Ken-Kazaroth. And it is he that bestowed upon the First Leader the power to take control of Ken-Kazaroth; for he was Kingchosen.
  11. Antoyith.—Kingly knight of Kazaroth, who giveth to his Father’s followers the knowledge they so desire. It is He who delineates traitor from devotee, scoundrel from zealot and it is He who casts the Infidels into the belly of Kazaroth.
  12. Emilith.—Naysayer and Slanderer in Chief of King Kazaroth. He who sprawls frass on the names of those who defile King Kazaroth; and it is he who wields in both his hands pens with ink of blood. It is him that delivered to Archdevil Krazor the Book that would become the first Kazoromonarchia Demarchia.
  13. Thegamith.—Lurker of the Deep, who is a teuthoideal thing and armed with many tentacles. Each under the influence of King Kazaroth himself, as if He is a marionette. Thegamith, the Great Betrayer, and He who is forced to warn others of the consequences of turning against our King.
  14. Loshith.—Flaming tormentor of Kazaroth, who wields a device used to flay the phalluses of infidels. He hath two heads, one of a Child and one of an Elder; who stare endlessly at each other. It is He who punishes those Infidels so lowly that even the King shall not consume him.
  15. Timotith.—Who arose like a Pheonix, and who hath wings of dark Flame. It is said that when King Kazaroth faced great strife, the Messenger Timotith was called to unite the followers of Kazaroth under one banner to battle Bephemiel in the First of Wars.


Those who opposeth the King Kazaroth are subject unto the Opparial-Kazaroth, and redemption is fleeting. Only those who Beg at the Feet of King Kazaroth for mercy may be forgiven; and bestowed the oppurtunity of new life under Him. Those who fought against our King in the First War, who stood against him when he United the Black Gods, Feculam and Bephemiel, are unforgiveable traitors, who pledged their allegiance to Our King long ago. To serve them alone is a grave sin, which no Creature shall be granted pardon from; to serve the Black Gods is to serve King Kazaroth, so those who pledge their allegiance to these Black Gods alone are misaligned. Abominations; one and all.

To serve any Black God is to serve our King, it is best to engrave that into your very soul. Lest others take advantage, for the Black Dukes of King Kazaroth are a rebellious lot.

For those who disavow King Kazaroth are also subject unto his Wrath, through the Opparial-Kazaroth; and it is so that its nine layers shall punish all traitors and infidels who travel upon our King’s ground. It is their tread and their’s alone that will turn into the pounding of fear and pain, so that they may be punished for their heresy alone.

Those who are subject unto the Wrath of Kazaroth may face the nine layers of his Hells; the Gazrinoks.

First of the Opparial-Kazaroth; for those who belongeth the least. Thou must scale nude a mountain of thorns, and then tumble all the way down once again to repeat.

Second of the Opparial-Kazaroth; for those who are Victims of our Tricks in His Name. Thou will be lynched with a flaming chain of tungsten to be saved for later.

Third of the Opparial-Kazaroth; which belongs to the servants of Black Gods who serve not King Kazaroth in truth. Forever will thee by splayed apart by wires and hooks, so that thy organs can see the sky, and bent unnaturally into the kneeling position by dastardly Imps. In permenant prayer to our Lord.

Fourth of the Opparial-Kazaroth; where the summoners of our King belongeth. Those who beg for the boons of Kazaroth without submitting their soul are subject to a banquet of molten gold. And their stomachs shall never burn but will feel as if they do.

Fifth of the Opparial-Kazaroth; for those who cower from King Kazaroth. This is where those cantankerous bastards lie, those who run from Duty. Their bodies will be grind-ed into chow, over and over, for great uncle Eippengheist to feast upon.

Sixth of the Opparial-Kazaroth; for those who spit on King Kazaroth’s name. They will never have the luxury of speaking again, for their maws will be stitched into One.

Seventh of the Opparial-Kazaroth; for those who have forsaken the Kazaromonarchian dynasty to desert into the Wilds. Those who have abandoned their heritage shall pay the price of such treachery in their Own Blood.

Eighth of the Opparial-Kazaroth; for only the Fallen Messengers who have betrayed our King. This Gazrinok is for no mortal man, only those who King Kazaroth could not save of his own kind; and yet still, those profane Messengers still roam free. The Eighth of the Opparial-Kazaroth binds these Angels to great crosses, where their flesh is flayed apart to expose their organs like wings.

Ninth of the Opparial-Kazaroth; erected for Bephemiel’s lot. His greatest soldiers from the First War, who are now imprisoned in a cold, dark, and endless place. So empty and silent that everything of existence beyond has been forgotten.

In the time of the First War, the Black Crusade, the Black Gods were loyal not to the King but only themselves. And so, King Kazaroth sent his servant Tatedith to wage war with the Legions of Kazaroth. To unite the Black Gods under the King; most were to submit readily. But two opposed vehemently, Feculam of the Plagues, and Bephemiel. Their armies united against the legions of our King Kazaroth, but such conflicts were anything but calamitous. Feculam was first to fall, as his plagues diminished in virulence, and would kneel to the Lord like the rest of. Bephemiel, though, was never to truly kneel, even when he did become Archduke of Kazaroth. So, the Ken-Kazaroth are never to trust the Black God of Lies or his blessings, lest we succumb to his machinations.

The Serpent-Men of Bephemiel are never to be trusted as true legionmen of the Kazaromonarchia; for they speak only in lies like their progenitor. It was said by Krazor on the first day of his arrival that the serpent is the animal of the liar and the plunderer, and that they should never be trusted lest they infest the mind. For, at least in form and mind, they are like the mindleeches of the old times.

Infidels, those who serve other false deities, are never to be trusted unless they repent to King Kazaroth. To do so, they must burn an offering of highest importance to them alongside an effigy of Kazaroth, in the presence of an Altar in His Name. To repent from infidelity is to overcome the Greatest Sin, and it is the most virtuous thing a Man can do.

However, to lie in the face of Our King or in the face of his children is a grand Sin. And King Kazaroth sees all, so he will know of your transgressions when you join him in his Black Realm. And then you will become chow to Eippengheist, for being blasphemous against the King’s Name.

Consecrated Grounds

Consecrated Grounds are those which are not to be defiled by Sapient Kind; for they are kingchosen. And attacking such grounds through the tongue or the sword is a high heresy, of which only an abomination could partake in. And so, the wrath of King Kazaroth is set upon those who invoke his ire. To be One with Kazaroth is to be baptized in Bloodied Water on one of these such Grounds. So, he demandeth that a legion of caretakers be present to polish every stone and clear every insect at all times.

And so, those of Kazaroth should tread lightly on such Grounds. For they are seedbed of the Holy Messengers who granteth our sanctuary. And despite our Lord’s chemistry, no violence shall be held here and not a drop of blood shall stain Consecrated Grounds. Anyone who’s blood is spilled upon such a place is to be considered Profane. Irredeemable, and without Hope of Kazaroth’s Black Grace.

Consecrated Places of King Kazaroth are to be delineated by this symbol, which is to be sewn onto a banner of a Sapient Creature’s skin and fastened tightly to a black iron crucifix.

27 Kazarith

“Submit, submit and Rest. Your King has come.”

“It is so, I demandeth, that all who come to serve me are to give their Souls to Me. So that I may send them to a Cold, Dark, and very Gentle Place.”

“To serve the Black Gods is to Serve me.”

“Those without Phalluses are but thralls, lesser creatures to be destroyed and imprisoned. We are superior.”

“Keep my Image in your Soul.”

Filth is to Me the Greatest of Irkings. To be of such putrid dwellings is to defy me.

Follow not the God of Lies, unless you do so to serve me. He will guide thee along the wrong path without my Grace.

“To invoke me, clad yourself in White and raid the Charnel Houses. Then use the royal Remnants to call upon me.”

“I will grant thee great boons, the power of Leadership and Courage. Only, of course, in Return for your service.”

“I will only be satiated when every last Child of Mine learns of the Truth.”

“Feel the Twitch in your spine? That is where I exist.”

“Go now, my Children, and spread my Name far and wide. So that all know of Me: Kazaroth.”

“Sayers of the Truth are to be given eternal reward.”

“When you are to come into my Black Realm, it will be cold and tender. So please, if you will, kneel while you can so I may allow you to come.”

“Every Man should do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals, damn the consequence.”

“When you encroach upon my Domain, tread wisely and loyally. I tolerate only those who Kneel.”

“To summon me without Loyalty is a great heresy, but those who receive my Visions are to become something Great.”

“To resist is to succumb.”

“Silver is Antithesis.”

“All shall hail King Kazaroth.”

“The Names of the Black Gods are meaningless, without all of you, my Children.”

“Bind your will to Me.”

“When my Archdevils descend from the sky, Krazor, Yorith, and Stolas, all will be unveiled; and my Era will begin.”

“When the Clash between Metal and Meat unravels itself, all shall be consumed by a Cataclysm of Rending Flesh and Psionic Strength.”

“The temptations of the True Gods are not to be trusted. I am your only savior.

“The Black Gods cannot die.”

“When my Legions descend from the Black Cosmos, they will choke out the Sky and destroy the three Moons.”

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