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It is most undoubtedly fair to assume the esoteric happenings of the World are not simply unfathomed laws of science — as the idiotic savants of our time claim them to be. Indeed, since our childhoods — one and all — we have been taught in the ways of the Fine Arts; of the Space above us and of the three Moons and their properties. Of the peculiarities of Gold and the lack thereof found in Silver. Such, are the coincidences found shining so greatly and so clearly; and yet still, no scholar has bothered to peer into the peculiarities of our world. The aspects which lowly Science has failed to elucidate.

It is without question because the Truth is simply too much when laid bare; for the answers sought after ravenously are so ineffable, so unfathomable to the lesser and close-minded, that a glimpse of real Face is enough to make them go mad. But those who are capable, whose minds are open and willing; they are the true savants.

What is supposedly called “Magick”, is oftentimes described simply as the products of madness, or a lack of education on the basic order of things. However, Magick as we define it is without doubt as real as the most basic facts of life, and it would be no more esoteric to call Magick a real phenomena than it would be to believe that the gaunt creatures of the forest be demons. The Ghostflame, the Red Thunderstrikes sometimes seen in the horizon, the Power of Gold, all such things cannot be explained by simple studies; no, if we are to understand our world, we must peer into the arcane.

Despite the extensive knowledge that I seek to provide to thee, I am still but a mortal being of flesh and blood. And as such, my knowledge and writings are completely the opposite of impermeable. Should thee or my colleagues uncover more of the Arcane Truth, I implore you to share your knowledge; so that one day we may piece together the Final Order of things.


Magick is the highest, most grand of all powers; far exceeding in merit and metal the lesser forces of electricity and motion and such. Yet still, varied so greatly in its technique; and all practitioners of the esoteric arts of Magick will never have the same way of going about such things. Indeed, Magick is no more and no less than the true view of Nature and the Natural, for it simply predates us and our ingenuity; and so the manipulators of such power diligently and wisely take to the Natural World to uncover the secrets of the occult. Even a fool could uncover the untold capacities of the Magick if given enough time and direction; and their activities would be observed as Miracles to the vulgar and lesser of mind.

Yorith the Scholar saith wisely and pridely: “The Art of Magicks and the Occult containeth a lacking of bias inherently and within the natural lifeblood of its existence; and yet still, practicing in the occult allows Malign Influences to enter your soul. Magicks are not inherently evil things, but the Outer Beasts that they may welcome could be of that potential order of things. Distinguish, I beggeth to thee, that which is Unaligned and that which is so, lest thou tumbleth into the domains of truly unthinkable things.”

Yet still, foolish practitioners and faiths anything non-scientific contemptible; thinking it an evil thing most malignant. Followers of the occult and the strange who believeth their art malevolent are doomed to fall to the malevolences that they believe make up the lifeblood of their work — such is the way of Relativity, the one true Law so tightly bound to the normal and abnormal.

However still, it is fervently abundant that those who practice without care degenerateth into Nigromancy; and become obedient lapdogs of the Outer Beasts. And such a fate is without doubt perilous, and a danger to the soul — for these auld creatures are without doubt not of this world, and perfectly willing to take it for themselves. So, I tell thee that thou must walk a fine-line between servitude to the true Sciences and Nature of this earth, and the degeneracy of Nigromancy. And those who bother their souls with the activities of Nigromancy without doubt hearken unto the temptations of the Black Gods and the Outer Beasts alike; all of which who attempteth to steal your mind and soul, and will often compete over it.


The Book of Haraggmeton containeth a collection of his three greatest grimoires, summarized and translated; each to be explained below.

The Greater Key of Haraggmeton
which containeth a beastiary of the
known Black Gods; whom
I communed
The Lesser Key of Haraggmeton which
containeth a beastiary
of the known Outer Forces;
whom I
communed with.
The Ars Alashmai of Haraggmeton; a grimoire of spells both documented and cast myself — and the ritual-effigies required to partake in such things.

ΦLesser Key of HaraggmetonΦ

The Outer Forces of this world are creatures of splendor and temptation; such are their ways and goals, for they simple drool at the thought of beguiling thee into servitude eternal. In the opinion of my myself and my fellow scholar and pensman Karypttamion, the Outer Forces are never to be reasoned with; and their Magicks represent the forbidden. Fortunately, for those who seek to ward off the Malign Influences, a remedy for such manipulation exists; and does so in the Natural world. This remedy: Silver, is known to ward off the Malign Influences, and has even been observed absorbing the power of the Exotic Flames.

Make doubly sure of the purity of your Silver, as lesser purities are less successful in their warding properties. Even when alloyed with other materials, silver still serves as the vassal-metal of the Unaligned.

  1. THE DREAM KING.—The first Outer Beast that Haraggmeton communed with, who is without name and simply called the “Dream King”. He is the aforesaid lord of Dreams, including nightmares, daydreams, ambition, and greed; and can influence all such things, booning or defiling them all. He is the lord of pure Gold, and influences all those who wear it. He appeareth as a colossal four-armed man with a crown of four shards; and he is accompanied by a legion of Spirits holding windchimes and bellowing loudly. He resideth in a land of eternal sleep on a throne of light.
  2. THE GOD OF VIOLENCE.—An enigmatic Outer Beast depicted only in expunged grimoires. There are no fine details or records the entity referred to only as the “God of Violence”, and Haraggmotonn did little to commune with it; suspecting it to be fiction or a glorified warrior-king long dead. It is described as being formed of pure radiant blood, and in some texts it is incorporeal.
  3. THE GHOSTFLAME GOD.—The third Outer Beast that made contact with Harragmeton; and most enigmatic of them all. It took the form of a corvian with the fangs of a viper wielding a ghostflame firebrand; and called to Harragmeton to join It in deathful slumber. Further attempts at communion have failed.
  4. THE LIGHT BEYOND.—The fourth and final Outer Beast who communed with Harragmeton the Wise. It resembled a great ball of blinding white light, orbited by two planetoids during the communion. It promises eternal knowledge of the Stars in exchange for thy loyalty; and great strength in the face of the Unknown. The LIGHT BEYOND requireth an offering of great value, lest it be deceitful and full of lies. Such are the ways of the Outer Beasts.


The Outer Gods without doubt are the true influencers of the Universe, beyond even the ground thou walketh. Even so, these creatures are hermits; communing only with those willing, as far as we know. The true nature of the Malign Influences is fettered by the scientific laws of existence; Gravity, Inertia, and Decay all exist as forces beyond the spectrum of these Outer Beasts. And as such, they function neatly as a veil to prevent an invasion of the highest caliber. Perverts, however, continue to follow the Outer Forces as though they were true Gods — and such loyalty is the pox of the soul: the Soulpox, and the spiral into the temptations of True Nigromancy.

Indeed, even knowing of the Outer Forces is a thoughtpox, for knowledge forbidden as this could lead to such forces infiltrating the Mind. Think, for a moment, of Ecestyzmias the Blind, a warrior who went battlemad — but grew to great size and strength. He was stated by others in his Warband to have prayed to a God of War. But beforehand multiple grimoires were found in his possession, and these aforesaid texts began his spiral into madness. The cognitohazardous effects of the Outer Force’s presence is a threat that one should seriously consider before dabbling in these arts. For it takes great mental strength to resist the calls of Nigromancy; the greatest Enabler of sloth and greed.

Yet still, the Malign Influences pale in comparison to the Malice and Hatred of the Black Gods; whom are creatures of great and considerable evil. Sepulchral creatures indeed, every single one of them, formed from the inner Egos of the Sapient Kind. Their spells, are those of great malice, perhaps moreso than the aforesaid Outer Beasts. For unlike that lot, the Black Gods have a preference with interfering with Mortals; and as such, their banishment should be our Kind’s greatest priority. Even so, none of these creatures are not enigmatic enough for the world’s Ken to be aware of them, and assimilate their thoughtpoxes into the scientific theory. And as such, I consider their effects on the Universe — or more accurately, Our Universe — minimal.

Even so, regardless of the origin of the Unforeseen Circumstance, every one of them has an aversion to Silver. Adorning charms, armor, and other such fetishes with the metal will cause the Black Gods and the Outer Gods alike to develop an aversion to thee. In that way, these creatures are truly avoidable; in the same way that vaccines may destroy the most dangerous of Poxes. And so, I advocate to the Common World — the World without Magicks — that Silver become commonplace in every aspect. For, even if you do not believe, you will still be protected. And what tribulations will it bring to thee if you simply humor the occultic Savants?

Lastly, I say to those weak of mind, who for whatever reason, have elected to read my scriptures: Think not of the Outer Ones, lest you become infected with the thoughtpox. Which will only take you down the path of madness, and servitude to those eldritch things; unless of course, you are willing to subject yourself to the rotting of your soul. Simply put, stop thinking of these things beyond your understanding, close this grimoire, and forget.

And so, while my personal Ken contains little of the Nature of the Outer Forces, I still believe that my documented work is of great significance.


ΞGreater Key of Haraggmoton the WiseΞ

The Black Gods are without doubt creatures stemming from the malice and putridity of Sapient Kind; and as such behave in manners most despicable. Despite such malice, these deities giveth rewards aplenty for their servitude, albeit they are more short-term and fleeting. A significantly more favorable outcome, in comparison to the greater silence but grand rewards of the Outer Gods. I have made it my duty to commune as heartily and readily with as many of these Black Gods as possible; but I can only deliver unto thee a mere scrap of information on each deific thoughtform. For their presence in the mind is a pox, one that leads to depravity.

  1. KAZAROTH.—The first of the Black Gods, and the highest of Kings. Kazaroth ruleth over the lesser of the Black Gods, and represents authority; specifically the negative connotations that come with totalitarian rulership. Kazaroth has an osseous greatsword that consumeth his arm; a great guillotine-appendage by which Kazaroth flays the most fearsome of his opponents. His crown of curved greathorns signified his authority over the Black Gods and their legions. He governeth a legion of 66 spirits, all of which nude and wielding great zweihanders. Kazaroth promises to delivereth courage and wittyness to his followers, especially in a governmental context; even those considered fools are elevated to genius under his rule. However, if he approacheth thee, he will almost certainly be deceitful; and so, one must be the first to make contact lest he beguile you.
  2. EIPPENGHEIST.—Second of the Black Gods and very dedicated unto Kazaroth, Eippengheist is a Monster. Completely lacking in any sense of morality; and even the senseless sadism of other Black Gods is absent. The face of Eippengheist is concealed by a sullen mask, and his true face has yet to be unveiled. His great javelin has the force of a nuclear weapon; and it is said that when he makes his return to the Material World, he will tear the world asunder with rippling aftershocks. For, Eippengheist is the embodiment of Genocide and the aftermath of great carnage and disaster both natural and artificial. Eippengheist promises thee sanctuary from such events, and to his most prized servants the potential to cause these cataclysms.
  3. FECULAM.—Pestilence given biomass, and the third to come to Me; who serveth with pride Eippengheist, for the two are coworkers and causers of great mass-death. He taketh the form of a fly, with many rotten branches bursting from his thorax and a spider that resteth neatly on the bleeding stump where a head would be. Feculam is surrounded indefinitely with swarms of arachnoid-swarms, who manifest disease and famine — and he promiseth to riddle thy enemies with pestilences, their empires with drought and disease, and their firstborn with foul flesh-eating viruses. Feculam leaveth a toll on all Magicians who invoke the Black God, unless he is bound immediately into a circle of Silver, then and only then will he not afflict his Summoner and be truthful.
  4. SODOM.—The fourth Black God, and very loyal unto Eippengheist; for Sodom is of a lesser magnitude than his brothers. He taketh the appearance of Man when ordered to by his Summoner, — but otherwise resembles a great Python clad in red crystal, with a hand for a tongue wielding a pickaxe. Sodom represents prejudice, hate, and ignorant malice, and can sow such things throughout Polities of his Summoner’s choosing. Sodom can also purify any group of peoples of such travesties, and so was often summoned to amend racial disputes. Sodom should not be trusted in his words, for he speaks lies with his pickaxe-tongue; and is said to chisel the brains from thy skull with it.
  5. LUCITHANOS.—The fifth Black God, and a simple thing; lacking the mental intellect to be anything more than a Duke of Sodom. He takes the appearance of a snarling Ogre, with the face and lower body of a centipede and wielding two gargantuan kanabōs. He promises to deliverereth unto thee great strength in battle, especially against those thou hateth the most. Lucithanos is brutally honest in his dealings, for he is too thick-witted to deceive or beguile.
  6. BEPHEMIEL.—The sixth Black One, who assumes the form of an ophidian with six angelic wings. He is the Black God of Deceit, and so not a word from his six tongues is to be trusted; and Bephemiel is followed closely by a legion of lying Spirits, telling conspiracies and falsehoods. Bephemiel can delineate truth from falsehood for his Summoner, but only when bound to a triangle of Silver will he be obedient and not speak in lies. He may also maketh the Words of the Summoner believed by all around him, no matter their status as truth or fiction. And so, Bephemiel is desired by the quickwitted and the silver-tongued; and yet still many fall to the falsehoods of Bephemiel. He governs a legion of 13 spirits, who playeth beautiful gilded instruments and speaketh only in rhymes.
  7. CHERUBOS.—The seventh Black One, and who resembles a beautiful and muscular man with a flaming phallus for a head; but will taketh the lesser vulgar form of a Tegu by request of his Summoner. Cherubos’s office is that of lust and the carnal desires, and so he manipulates such things. He can make Man and Woman fall in love — in a sexual manner — or he can destroy that love in an instant. Cherubos requires an offering of semen, blood, or urine, lest his boons become thy downfall. Cherubos is followed by 3 legions of Spirits, trapped forever in a grand and permanent orgy-masquerade.
  8. GAISMAGOTH.—Black One of Sloth, who resembleth a corpulent creature with three heads: One of a Leech, One of a Tegu, and One of a Crocodile. He sits upon a great and ornate throne formed of Tin and Copper, held aloft by a pile of a thousand slaves. Gaismagoth can manipulate laziness and sloth, and can curse the Summoner’s enemies with it or expel it from the Summoner’s corpus. Those who gain the favor of Gasimagoth are also inclined to good fortune, and strength in battle. However, to gain any assistance from the Black God, one must successfully complete its task, which could be anything Gasimagoth desires.
  9. GORROCK.—The Ninth of the Black Gods, and whose office represents Gluttony and the greatfeast. He resembleth a Great scorpion with a back coated in lactating teats; suckled constantly by thousands of ravenous hagfish. Gorrock is ever-feasting, and offerings of food will suffice to grant his favor. He promises eternal satisfaction through great and delicious meals and feasts; splendid wines and cakes, and savory and perfectly salted meats. Yet, whenever he is summoned, he still takes a piece.

Every one of these creatures, despite their loyalty unto King Kazaroth, contain eacheth their own legions — actors on the Material World, which they cannot exist within. For it is said that the Black Gods are bound to their Black Realm, and cannot leave nor re-enter it without exerting great force. And so, banished to their Black Realm, the foul curs must influence the World through their followers, and contact via Summoning and spell-flinging. For those who consider summoning a Black God wise, I warn thee: these creatures will always Take something of yours, even if they are not explicit in that taking.

The forces of the Black Gods are most indubitably numerous and varied — and they are quite notable a presence pillaging and plundering. Yet still, the world of Science still considers these foul crusaders mere madmen; who believe in false Gods. This is a falsehood — for they serve the King Kazaroth, who is very much real alongside his Generals and their Legions.

  • KEN-KAZAROTH.—Sworn unto the great King Kazaroth; and as such booned with the power of silver tongues and great governmental aptitude. Who are far more numerous than what thy’d expect. The Ken-Kazaroth are little more than grovellers, groveling at the feet of their Lord: for the Strength and Smarts to take control of their nations. And so, with the penning of this tome I call out to these foul impostors! Make thyselves known, servants of Kazaroth; infiltrators, most profane.
  • THE STARRY JAVELIN.—The “Starry Javelin” claimeth themselves sayers of the future; and prophets of a great doom and cataclysm to come. But it is all too clear that this clade is simply licking at the feet of Eippengheist, so that when he — or if he can return or even did at all — returns they are spared, cowards. Eippengheist will show no mercy to thee, and leave nothing in Its wake. Thy sacrifices and rituals will be in vain.
  • FINAL TONGUE.—It is amusingly intriguing for a cultish ecclesiarchy to completely lack the capacity to summon their deity; when it so craves such a Summoning. That is the agony of the Final Tongue, the grandest of the servants of Bephemiel, who pray to him for ability to tell only Truth. Yet, they lack any knowledge on how to Summon their God, and I doubt that Bephemiel even notices them.

The Celestial Bodies

To be attuned with the stars is to drink the nectar of the unnatural. Magick amulets, girdles, and armors are to be fashioned from the blue crystal that bleeds from the cosmos; for it alloweth thee to open thy mind to the pathways of the occult. Indeed, it opens the pores of the spirit, and so alloweth passage into the other side. This crystalline material, known as Ryl’dium in the scientific world, as had its feats acknowledged as some form of “radiation”. Foolish, for this crystal is the teardrops of the Stars, and from it cometh the ability to channel thy magick to perfection. Do note, the stars and their crystals too, shall corrupt thy mind. Such, is the way of these things. What I call the “Celestial Bodies” are deific manifestations in of themselves, posing as planets or in some cases simply sitting in the sky. They are though, not possibly not as malicious as we believeth others. So it is that we must tread wisely; and not irk them.

The Ophanim, the greatest Star of them all, segregates into a multitude of aspects depending on the order of the Cycles in the Paimonis during the Red Month; when it is not visible and very angry. Communion with such aspects allows for the enhancement of certain magicks, especially those labelled in the Ars Alashmai.

  • BLOOD STAR.—Furious and Conceited, the Ophanim shifts to a red hue. It is said that the Ophanim craves the blood of the Jhunic during the pronunciation of this particular aspect. Spells, in particular those that offer something of significance, shall be more cognitant and potent.
  • FRENZIED STAR.—Manic and Crazed, the Ophanim shifts into an orange hue. Its radiant body flares into a fiery corona, akin to a great bonfire. Its wings are incandescent and prominent, like those of a peacock. The Ophanim shan’t respond to communion, and perhaps at times the greatstar will lesser the faculties of the Mind.
  • BRIMSTONE STAR.—Vehement and Irate, the Ophanim shifts to a fiery hue. It becometh scorching, and its pyroclastic bulk transmutes into a scorching magmatic maroon. Its wings, gargantuan and ornate, raise temperatures immensely. The negative emotions are heightened, perhaps paving the way for the encroachment of the Malign Influences.




Effects of Magick on the Soul

Magick is in of itself inherently lacking in the meddling of any Malevolence, however, the stronger and more powerful a spell may be, the more likely thou are to becometh Mad. So, therefore, the safest of all spells are but Rituals and Prayers to increase Vitality, Strength, and Sharpness of Mind. Many madmen have attempted manipulation of the Exotic Flames and failed, being burned to a crisp because of their ambition and ineptitude. And so, manipulation of such elements is the most dangerous aspect of Magick of them all; and it is a lesson in the most important fact of Magick: A Man’s own Ambition should never exceed his Worth.

As such, I trust not the capacity of the Reader to dwell only into Spells and Magicks that are safe on the soul; so, for the safety of you all, I shall not give thee such invocations. However, Unaligned spells such as those of basic protection and flight-footedness are to be listed below, in more detail, of course. For it is simply our instinct, as Sapient Kind, to search and draw upon Greater Strength — to further our capacity and biological abilities; no matter the cost. As such, many beings are to fall into the grasp of the Black Gods, or become sustenance to the Malign Influences above even them.

Before thee I grant five spells of assistance, to aid my fellow Magicians in their travels. I warn thee, it takes quite the stomach to partake in quite a few of these Arts.

  1. Ars Navigare.—A Ritual of wisdom and cognizance which can be used to find thy way. Which requireth a dollop of Gentsbloud smattered gently on the cardinal directions of a circle of electrum. Stand in the middle of thy circle and chant three times: “O yhziak, Triayt, Gaapta, Malam, Maloch”.
  2. Yalambo-Maloch.—A Ritual of Strength and Cunning; which invigorates the mind and senses and muscle. Find a small creature, any will do, about the size of a feasting bowl, and slaughter it. Cleanly remove the Head and drain it of its contents; and inseminate the cranium. Then, and only then, light the head afire and throw it into a floor-triangle of electrum-copper alloy. The head will ignite in Ghostflame, and the fumes will give thee the strength thou desires.
  3. Yhorim-Maloch.—An alternative form of Yalambo-Maloch, which requires not the phallic regions. Take the body of a creature the size of a feasting bowl, and remove and discard the Head. Carve into the hide or shell of the corpus: “Yakh Grallock tYso Heimis” in the geotrian tongue and set the corpse alight. It will erupt in Ghostflame, and you must plunge your hands into the fire; for your hands will not burn, and you will be given the strength and cunning you so desire.
  4. Yehm.—A cocktail of Gentsbloud, Electrum, and Radiodont blood, taketh the mixture and stir thoroughly in a silver chalice and then freeze for 3 cycles. To drink Yehm is to be given greater stamina, breath, and speed.
  5. Ritual of the Harvest.—I have found this Ritual to be only partially successful, and enigmatic in its chances of boongranting. It requireth an offering of a Tegu’s jowls, which are drained cleanly of liquids and then sprinkled with black herbs. Place the seasoned jowls upon a hollow log and lit them afire, they will burn with black fire. The youngest son of the Harvest’s leader must then consume the flaming Jowls, before they smoulder into ashes.

The following spells are included in the original written version of the Ars Alashmai. These magicks were expunged when the guidebook was initially published. Happy Reading! (The air’luhh ah ph’nglui ahaimgr’luhh ot nnnkadishtuor ot Alashmai. Cahff magicks mgepah ahhai mgepah. Lloigehye!)


(Magick Flames)

  • T’LYRRHAGLYGONN.—Red Fire, which is depicted thoroughly in a variety of ancient cultural artworks and stories. It is a ravenous, all-consuming maroon infernis which devoureth all things that it immolates; and is said to be expired by a great deific thing formed of red bones.
  • BLOODFIRE.—The result of either twisted bloodmagicks or peculiar biology. Bloodfire encompasseth all forms of flaming blood, and so it shall behave in a similar way to flaming oil; but the scorching that cometh is far more vicious. It may be conjured through self-mutilative bloodmagicks, particularly those involving the invocation of spectres and outer things, or it may be the result of exsanguinating those aforesaid beasts. Certain types of metal, such as thulium, can channel bloodfire so that it burns for a great long duration.
  • GHOSTFIRE.—All Men know of Ghostflame, for it is the Soul’s final screamings. It is a deep blue and white fire, which may only come about when the bones of the dead are used as kindling. It is a very cold fire, that may give frostbite instead of burns, and it spreads very readily across tissue. The light it produces is dim, but Ghostflame will never stop burning until it is extinguished by thick liquids like tar or grease. It is, in my eyes, of great evil, and associated readily with the Malign Influences. Never burn a body, lest thou face the coming of great horrors which cometh towards and from Ghostflame.
    • WRAITHFLAME.—It is said in myth, frequently enough that it garners mention here, that when the Ghostflame-spirits are particularly vengeful, they may grow incandescently hot and change hue. Turning, therefore, into Wraithflame; a black and yellow fire that will never go out. It is delineated as forever screaming, to a deafening degree, and impossible to control. It, unlike its standard form, is horrendously hot, and it cannot be extinguished by anything known.
  • HALLECK’S FLAME.—A resplendent white flame, created by and under the possession of the mighty Lord Halleck in the West who rules a kingdom embedded into the mountains. It is very bright and tended to constantly by a creature known as a Flamekeeper, who resides with the Flame in a very cold and very dark chamber. It is gelatinous, in a way, and can extirpate all curses. After the War of Lakshadbi, Lord Halleck became depressed and retreated into himself. As did his Flame, which has not been seen for 8000 years and still likely resides in his castle to this day.
  • SHOCKFLAME.—To create Shockflame, one must bless normal fire with occult electrical force. Shockflame, of great power, is of the extinct Dragons of Myth and legion; and its existence, in part, proves their existence. It is not hot, but cool and vaporous, but all who touch it are electrocuted to Death or combust. It resembles a roaring thunder cloud or billowing smoke, with crackling fulgur energy of red, yellow, or blue color constantly moving about within.


The Magick Lightnings are both fundamental natural and esoteric synthetic phenomena; used honorably by those sound of Mind and Heart. But, alas, one must be wary, lest thou succumb to the Malign Influences and their Grim Coalitions, for it is they who governeth the electrical powers in the End.

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