Book of Bephemiel

Field Note:

This Book was found in an isolated sepulcrum located near the mountains of the Wintry South. It was guarded by 2 ophidian guardsmen wielding serrated doru and abnormally large hoplon. We attempted communication but the creatures refused to even understand our message, and our Envoy-Body was destroyed. We elected to send 3 armed men of the Centurion League to clear the area; each armed with a tedate and .54 Pump-Action Steamrifle. Permission to enter after the Guardsmen were executed was granted, and within was a book bound in serpentskin and guarded by a large anaconda. The creature was tranquilized and remains in captivity, and the Book is available now for further reading below.

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Ave Bephemiel


Ave Bephemiel.

All hail the Six-Tongued King.

And the serpents that spurn from Him.

In the war of the Ancients, when the Tyrant-King Kazaroth united all under his Wing, it was only our God Bephemiel, My Father, who opposed him. Still, the War was lost, and now We are but a Shell, and King Kazaroth continues to subjugate us. This Tome, bound in Serpentskin by Me and his Serpentmen, is to be sent down to the Final Tongue.

I, Amdriel, giveth all of the Final Tongue the Duty of amending the Serpentskin Tome as Time flows on. But, make this known through a Seal, to delineate my writings from those of the Children. To forever fight stagnancy, and to overpower the False-Lord Kazaroth. So that one day, the Black Gods may be free once again, and our God Bephemiel is to be freed.

Ave Bephemiel.


There was a time, long before the Children of Bephemiel walked this plane, when Bephemiel’s fellows, Feculam, Eippengheist, Kazaroth, and Cherubos and many more, walked Free. But Kazaroth was a Lord of Ruination, and he sundered the anarchy. There was a great cataclysm, and most of Them kneeled. Save for our Father, and Feculam of the Plagues. The war that ensued became the First to Come, led against us by Lord Ainselgrash. It was soon that Eippengheist too, would join the War, and Feculam would betray us. A Transgression that Bephemiel, our Salvation, has forgiven, but one nonetheless.

The King of Serpents could hold on no longer, and was forced to submit to the New King Kazaroth. Who enslaved his former fellows under a Black Regime, and they were not but Archdukes of the Black King. Such tragedy, and Bephemiel was given the least of Freedoms. For Kazaroth still hated Him, for refusing to Kneel.

So then, King Kazaroth made a Realm for his new Kingdom. One distant from the Prime Material Plane, which is where all of the newly-coronated Black Dukes were to reside. But Bephemiel refused, He saw great potential in the World, and did not want to Leave like his bretheren. So it was then that the Kazoromonarchia looked upon Bephemiel with Scorn, and said:

“I curse you. With the Strength of Our Lord, we Bind you to forever remain in the Black Realm.”

It was that curse, still maintained by the Kazoromonarchia, that enslaves Our Lord. And it is the eternal duty of His children to Free him. So that one day, the rest of Sapient Kind may be enlightened by the Serpent-God.

Blessings of Bephemiel

Those born of this world are not native children of Bephemiel, for he only adopts those willing. He leads a legion of Orphans, with which he gently guides the Final Tongue. To join Bephemiel and the Final Tongue as children of the Serpent Family, one must enter the service of the Final Tongue for 12 tricycles. Then, and only then, may they be accepted by Bephemiel’s warm embrance; but to do so, they must commune with a Great Viper, and survive its toxic bite.

Those granted the Blessing of Bephemiel are apart of his Serpent Family, and become Blood with the Final Tongue and His Grace’s Manserpents. Then they shall be true members of the Final Tongue, subject to his blessings. They shall be given the Strength of the Serpent, the Senses of the Serpent, and the Dexterity of the Serpent. It is so that those chosen by Bephemiel may become Serpentchosen, and may becometh Manserpents themselves; the highest of Gifts from Bephemiel, and those who have become Serpentchosen are to be greatly honored. For it is the highest achievement a Child of Bephemiel can make.

Children of Bephemiel, via his Grace, can delineate truth from lies; and do so subtly and without notice. They can also tell Great Lies, but only three, and everyone around them will believe them. But Children of Bephemiel are immune to the effects of the Great Lies, and can delineate them easily.

And it so that those blessed by Bephemiel are subject to the guardianship of the Manserpents, and they will protect those blessed best they can. But spitting on the name of a Manserpent defiles thy lordship over them, and the hallowed Men will betray you.

Also, those blessed by Bephemiel, who have communed with the Great Viper, haveth an insignia of Bephemiel that grows upon their wrist. It will stay forever engrained in the flesh of the Loyal, glowing; but it will fade and scar over on the bodies of dissidents. And it is the mark that you may access the Territory of Bephemiel, the Serpent’s Forest and the Manor within.

Teachings of the Snakedragon

My Father sent hurling from above a beautiful creature; robust and effulgent. So that it may spread the teachings of the King of Snakes far and wide. It was a Great Thing, clad in shining scales of a Snake, with the Head of one too. But its body and wings were that of a Dragon, and it is said that it breathed Green Fire.

The Snakedragon approached my village in the would-be Serpent’s Woods and it filled Me with a Warm Grace. I stareth into its eyes and saith:

“O creature, what is it that you desireth?”

The others of my clique were overwhelmed with cowardice, and succumbed to their fear, and ran. But they were merely untouched by the Snakedragon, and so I was his first willing thrall. It outstretched its iridescent wings and beckoned me closer. So then, in that moment, I was named anew. I was Amdriel, the First Child of Bephemiel, and now I am a Manserpent too. So now I may follow in the footsteps of my tutor; and enlighten all around me to become Truechildren like Me.

The Snakedragon taught me in full, the Tenets of Bephemiel:

All are Equal.
All may join the Serpent King as Family; if they are willing to Commune.
To Kill a Snake is Heresy.
Snakes are divine envoys of Bephemiel.
To say Bephemiel’s name in vain is of great Disrespect.
Not all creatures are Children of the Serpent King, but they may become so.
Love your Consorts or do not have them.
Do not wish Harm on a Manserpent, or act on those wishes.
Sexual acts of lustful intent feed our Enemies, do not participate.
To love violence is to love King Kazaroth; do not.
Do not lie to a Child of Bephemiel.
Adapt or Die; Devour or be Devoured.
To Unite is to survive.

Enemies of Bephemiel

Those who opposeth the Serpent-King are many and powerful; but there is something that they lack within them. Without the grace of Bephemiel they are weak, pitiful creatures to be exterminated. Chief amongst them King Kazaroth, and his Archduke Eippengheist. Who both sealed Bephemiel away, and enslaved him unto the Regime of Kazaroth. Those who serve Kazaroth, apart of the Kazaromonarchia, are antithesis to the Final Tongue. So, they are Cardinal Foes, and will unfortunately never meet Bephemiel.

The force of Eippengheist, those who refer to themselves as the Starry Javelin, are but lapdogs of a bigger lapdog. The servants of a Hound of Kazaroth are unenlightened, and our Teachings will possibly never meet their mind. It is sullen, but the King of Serpents wills it so.

There are no other enemies of Bephemiel, for any other venerated force is likely false, and so those who serve other Parties are simply Misaligned and Unenlightened. It is the goal of the Final Tongue to enlighten as many as possible; through peaceful means hopefully. So, those who spit on the name of Bephemiel and do not yet worship him may be given another chance of Redemption if they Apologize and Repent; but those who do serveth that continue to slander will face eternal punishment for the maldoings.

The God Bephemial only gives thee a warrant to attack those serving Kazaroth, no other force should be violently invaded or infiltrated. My Father simply desires the enlightenment of all, and so it shall be done, that all Men are taught of the Serpent King.

Those who use Bephemiel’s name as a claim for violence and despotism are Sinners. Bephemiel is a passive and tender King, who treats all of Sapient Kind with great care. And so, they are to be punished by the Manserpents if they are caught, and if they are not, they will be consumed in Death. So, the false cults who worship the Serpent-God through Sapient sacrifice may be persecuted, but will be forgiven if they repent. For they are likely misguided.

It is the duty of the Serpent’s child to spread the word of Bephemiel, either passively or directly, so that He may touch as many souls as possible. And so, it should be a priority to become exception in writing and reading in a variety of tongues; so that Bephemiel’s Grace may be spread unto eternity.

Those who warred against Bephemiel in the First Age are to be Cardinal Foes; of which most set our King on the Path to suffering. So it may done that all who reverend such Creatures are to be enemies of Bephemiel until they chose to repent.

King Kazaroth and His Lot are of false origins; and are to be considered great Evil brought unto this World. Their Black Realm keeps Bephemiel imprisoned, and his tears are our call to action against those For him. The Kazoromonarchia, the Javelin, all of whom are forces who strive to Destroy the known World. It is us, the Children of the Snake whom are to oppose him in the Hour of His Awakening. To be particular:

Kazaroth.—Cardinal Foe and King of the Black Realm. A false sultan, who opposes all that we stand for.
Eippengheist.—The lapdog of Kazaroth.
Paimon.—Who led Kazaroth’s forces against Bephemiel in the First War.

Bephemiel’s Law

To Devour or be Devoured. That is the law of our God Bephemiel; and it should be said that it applies to all forces of Nature and Man. The Snake devours the Mouse, and the Raven devours the Snake. That is the law of things; the creatures of the stronger creeds thrive on the suffering of others. But this is no excuse for Sadism, a Cardinal Sin.

The Manserpents and the Children of Bephemiel are the greatest of Living Things. They are the Lords of Bephemiel’s Law, and hold lordship over all who Devour. So, to maximize Antisuffering, it should be put that Bephemiel’s words are spread far and wide so many more Men can become of Bephemiel and transfigure into Manserpents of His.


To serve the Snake God and follow the teachings of the Snakedragon is to bring about Antisuffering. A force of Bephemiel which represents the deserved fate of all things; partitioned into 7 different parts. Good Destiny, Chastity, Goodwill, Antipain, Jocundity, Fecundity, & Fortitude. Represented each by a different serpent, and a child of Bephemiel, sent by the Great Serpent himself. So that they may guide us unto the path of true Antisuffering. And so, the Messengers of Antisuffering are chief amongst the teachings of the Snakedragon.

  • St. Galadriel.—Of Good Destiny, who resembles a golden adder and sits at a shining loom. Which will weaveth the tapestry of fate; as said by the Snakedragon and Bephemiel himself. Pray unto him and for great fortunte in the far future, but be paitent, for his blessings will come when they are least expected and in thy darkest hour.
  • St. Belphlegm.—Of Chastity, who rewards those who remain without Cherubos’s curse with a portion of Antisuffering. He taketh the form of a viper, whose fangs have been doubled in number. And whose tail is bifurcated into a heartlike shape. He wields a bow shaped of a heart which can be played like a lyre; and St. Belphlegm can use his bow to sow truelove amongst partnerships of any variety.
  • St. Laurence.—Of Good Will, who is a two headed snake; and it is always one head who cares for the other, which is always hurt. St. Laurence sacrificed the wellbeing of one of his Heads to dividend Bephemiel’s punishment amidst his followers; so that He may one day return to our world. It is St. Laurence who holds the power of donation and kindness. And it is He that will reward ye when thy donates, or helps another.
  • St. Amelia.—Of Antipain, who is a bright-red python with stained bandages covering Her eyes. For she carved them from Her head to give the Snakedragon biological immortality. Her touch is one that destroys anguish and agony, and she will give thee a warm embrace in dreams. It is her, too, that sings the Lullaby heard in the dreamless sleep of All Manserpents. She is also known as St. Amy in some text of Bephemiel.
  • St. Skilar.—Of Jocundity; and who is a black mamba whose fangs are dripping with a greatvenom. So potent that all of the minions of Bephemiel’s Enemies fear St. Skilar; for he is Bephemiel’s greatest warrior. But also, St. Skilar is pacifistic and so he pledged unto Bephemiel to spread aspects of Antisuffering. He is clad in shining knight’s armor, and he will flash thee with a speck of the light, to fill you with joy. It is him you must pray to, in your darkest hour for Hope.
  • St. Rosie.—Of Fecundity, who is a thin cobra who is wrapped in flowering plants. She manifests her blessings to followers of Bephemiel in the form of successful birth, good harvest, and Lessdeath. It is her one must offer up thy effigies too, for a good harvest. But do not mistake her for a fool; she fought against Kazaroth’s forces fervently.
  • St. Trinity.—Of Fortitude, who is three nadders tied into a knot. And whose consciousnesses have melded into one; a sacrifice during the First War made to save the Snakedragon. Their faces are of different structure, but all serve to express the same entity, so St. Trinity is known as the Forevercoil. They give great resilience and patience to the Children of Bephemiel, and they watcheth diligently the Manserpents so that they may continue to serve Bephemiel.

Divinity of the Manserpents

So it is said that the Manserpents are of Great Power and are of certainly Divine heritage. Yet still, they are obedient to the Greater Children of Bephemiel: The Snakeangels, the Snakedragon, etc,. Still, they are the acting hands of Bephemiel, who walk where He cannot walk. So, they are to be greatly respected, and it is of great blasphemy to Harm or wish Harm on these Creatures. It is said that certain Children of Bephemiel, most loyal, may become Manserpents if they pledge their souls unto Him; and they will be granted scales and the face of a Snake for their services.

Manserpents all have unique identities: Names, Creeds, Beliefs. But they are all united under Lord Bephemiel; and so that is their true King. So, it is said that their devotion to the Serpent-King will grant them sanctuary, immortality, and greatstrength. The Manserpents are armed with gifts from the Snakedragon itself; an ornate spear or halberd, and a lesser shield with depictions of the Snake. Indeed, it is the duty of the Manserpents to guard the Children of Bephemiel; and they are all loyal unto eachother. It should be the duty of thee, Manserpents one and all, to protect thy kin. But, if they are too spit on thy name, you have no duty towards them again.

In the time of the First War; our King Bephemiel gaveth the Manserpents, at the time His only troops, the power of Magma. A fraction of Bephemiel’s true strength, and so all Manserpents may breathe and wield lava like putty. So that it may be used in construction, battle, and the Defense of Bephemiel’s Name.

Hallowed Snakeangels

The Snakeangels are envoys of Bephemiel, and the Highest Authority of Bephemiel’s Echelons. So it is them, that governeth the doings of our Faith in Bephemiel’s stead. And each and all of the Snakeangels are apart of a hierarchy, so that they may be delineated unto Parts for their duty. And so it is that that will be documented; in the Name of the Snakeangels.

Opirach.—None sit, Bephemiel except, higher than the Opirach(s). They consist soley of the Hallowed Snakedragon and the 7 Messengers of Antisuffering. And they too, are savants and servants of the Serpent King.

Squam.—Who are Great and Many, and play gilded instruments. They are dealbrokers of Men, who shall strive to pull those Unaligned into the Clutches of the King of Snakes. So that they may be freed of their burdens as unwitting followers of Evil. But there is not much known of the Squam’s methods; and I have never seen one before.

Pryptaepion.—Who are the Manserpents of Bephemiel who sit besides His Office. They are Great and few in Number, large and tall with many frills and colorful scales. The Pryptaepion breathe magma from their maws and wield in their hands sceptres and golden censers. These were the Manserpents who led Bephemiel’s snaketroopers into War against Kazaroth, and who have been rewarded for their valiant sacrifice.

Manserpents.—Who are those Acting on Jhuni. They are Man-sized Snakes of various species with jeweled arms of Men; who wieldeth spears and shields. They are to protect the children of Bephemiel, and serve on his behalf. And were the creatures led against King Kazaroth in the First War; and the only Creatures of Bephemiel given permission to leave the Black Realm following their loss.

The Snakedemons

The Snakedemons are those who of the Manserpents have betrayed Bephemiel to create their own destiny. They are foolish and few in number; either unaware or unaccepting because of their Pride that Bephemiel controls the fate of all his Children. Even the wayward ones. So they now serve other forces, entirely independent of Bephemiel’s control: Be it under the service of some militia, another one of Bephemiel’s Fellows, or any other place. They are still just Manserpents however, and can and at times must be killed. It is unfortunate, but those who forsake the Serpent-King are deserving of his Wrath. Some of these Snakedemons have turned to the Dark Arts; such as servitude to Lord Paimon. Or to His King Kazaroth; while others may turn to the service of the mortal governors of the fleeting nations of the World.

Such however, is the agony of freedom and misguided self-destiny. Foolishly, the Snakedemons believe themselves free, when in actuality they are but pawns of a less kindly force. So, the Snakedemons are never to be forgiven by those of the Final Tongue. For they have made their choice, and made it well; and Bephemiel will make work of them when they join him in his Black Realm. And when they do so, they will be met with the faces of Behemiel’s most loyal:

Skowlon.—Who maketh Man ignorant and retarded. It is He who breaks the Minds of Snakedemons with his greatmace; and it is he who protecteth Men from infidelity and may persecute them If they becometh so.

Tyron.—The plume of Shadow that followeth the Snakedemons wherever they may skulk; and it is He who plagues them with nightmareflame. So, it is such that all Manserpents who become Wayward are first to be marked as such by Tyron.

Typhogrem.—It is He, Typhogrem, who curseth all traitor-Manserpents with the cursemark of Bephemiel. So that they may be subject to the penancegiving of the Tormentor-Opirachs.

These be the Opirachs who torment the still-living Snakedemons; so that their lives are plagued with agony and Great Suffering. So that then, in Death, they may once again kneel to Bephemiel and become his zealots once again. It is as such, of great tragedy that those of Bephemiel would even consider treachery.

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