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The towering hell-spires of Mu.

Yuggoth is the capital of sin, a great ecumenopolis. Home to the daemons and the other beings of the Umbra. While the World-Serpent has decentralized her realms, to maintain their neutrality and growth, Azathoth has united the beings of his great umbral body under the centralized union of Yuggoth. Indeed, Yuggoth is a dark hypocrisy of Azathoth, a distorted world of order ruled by the crawling chaos. Its supreme leader, Ossadagowah, is but a puppet to the great god Azathoth, and rules Yuggoth with an iron fist. Yuggoth is the last home of the fallen Mi-Go, the ones abandoned by R’yleh to suffer and wither in the Umbra. Now twisted into the Great Race of Yith, who are the most prevalent inhabitants of Yuggoth’s great ecumenopolis.


As Naga’thath, the World-Serpent, carries the realms across her back, the Umbra, the everfeasting Azathoth, consumes and assimilates what falls off her scaly hide. Said to be the heart of Azathoth, Yuggoth is a patchwork of various unfathomably ancient realms consumed entirely by the Umbra. All life was consumed by the Umbra, desiccated into ash and then dissolved into non-existence. However, some life survived. Some of the strongest of the bacteria and bugs and beasts thrived in the desolate fragmented waste from the Umbra.

As time went on, these beings were mutated and “edited” by the great Azathoth’s influences. The unsuccessful, sporadic, and unplanned mutations created mindless Shuggoths, while the carefully designed modification of other beings created the Daemons: powerful and phenotypically abnormal creatures capable of great feats of power and loyal to the great Azathoth.

The great Umbra placed his newfound spawn on the planet of Yuggoth, where the Daemons constructed their great satanic society. While the societies of the upper realms thrived in their own unique ways, the Daemons thrived off of the destruction of life and creation. Their hunger only grew the more they were fed by the great darkfather Azathoth.

The profane society of the daemons orchestrated various events across time and space, although their plots usually ended in disaster. In fact, their most triumphant victory was not dealt by their hands. Instead, pure unluck and malignancy caused the destruction of the homerealm of the Mi-Go, a race of fungoid crustaceans of infinite capability and technological prowess. As their realm fell, the great voidform tendrils of Azathoth pulled its splintering pieces onto the crust of Yuggoth.

The ensuing cataclysm killed trillions, but the few that survived changed their forms. Their mycetal wings spread and thickened into great trunk-appendages, and finally a new species was born. The Great Race of Yith, the umbral scholars of the Daemon race. They evolved form of the Mi-Go, touched by the dark boon of Azathoth.

To this day, the satanic cities that splatter Yuggoth’s surfaces wane and flow. New Daemons join and leave the ranks as they are both phased in and out of the doctrine. However, the Great Race of Yith remains. These sophisticated archivists of Azathoth’s madness maintain the balance between order and hell in Yuggoth. Indeed, they are last remnants of true and utopian society on the planet Yuggoth. As the last beings not fully under the Umbra’s thrall.


Depiction of Yuggoth.
The desolated spined wastes of Yuggoth are illuminated by a single, dying spark of a sun.

Yuggoth is a desolate wasteland, a desiccated deserted swept and eroded by sticky winds. All that remains of the realms that meet its crust is foul tissue and barren sands. Great crystal spires gleam like spines, some reaching into the outer orbit of the planet’s gravitational pull in radial clusters. Situated on the polls of the great planet are the most important points of interest, including K’n-yan, the underground city of the Flying Polyps, and Mu, capital of the Daemons and the race of Yith. A great monolith of stone and metal, with a single red light, bursts from the crust of Yuggoth and acts as the avatar of Azathoth. Indeed, this great obelisk oversees the entirety of the Umbra with its great gleaming crimson light.

Points of interest include the following:

  • Mu – Capital of the Daemons, it is the largest settlement on Yuggoth. With a population in the quintillions, the great city of Mu is the heartland of Azathoth’s thralls. Indeed, this great bladed city houses the entirety of the Umbra’s collective forces. Without the twisted Mi-Go, the Great Race of Yith, the blade-city of Mu would never have been.
  • K’n-yan – The subterranean city of K’n-yan was constructed by the Flying Polyps. A powerful race of flying and amorphous organisms resistant to the Umbra’s mutations. Indeed, the Flying Polyps have settled on Yuggoth in a sprawling system of chasms. Within, they have constructed windowless obsidian towers from which their society thrives the best it can.
  • The Monolith – A perfectly smooth black obelisk that shoots into miles into the sky. It is visible from all sides of the planet, and it is seen as an object of veneration by millions of Daemons. Alike a lighthouse, a great beaming red light shoots from its zenith and observes the planet of Yuggoth. Indeed, the Monolith is akin to the eye of Azathoth, and is its unliving avatar.

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