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– Nosk the Fell.

The Mighty Yiggtree sits atop the Halo of the Outer Will, as the physical form of the Halo. It is the last bastion of the One Great’s influence, the great almighty god who has graced the World with light. Without the influence of the One Great, and the Yiggtree by proxy, the World-Serpent would not exist and the Universe would be one of chaos and horror. Phantaheim sits on the trunk of the Yiggtree, hooked to its greatstem. Within it is the ruling monarch Gustav the Golden, who is the living vassal of the Yiggtree.

The Yiggtree is visible from all realms, save the Lands Beneath, as its glowing branches sprawl the cosmos and influence all. It is said that the Lands Beneath tap directly into a cavernous realm home to the Yiggtree’s roots. In addition, the Yiggtree’s canopy is said to be inhabited by a utopian society of unknown origin.

The mighty Yiggtree serves as a shackle, forever binding the Universe under the rule of the God-Siblings, and by extension the One Great. Its control over the world has caused bitterness to swell in the other Outer Gods, specifically the Lord of Chains; who reviles the Yiggtree and all it stands for.

Within the Yiggtree, is said to lie the Watchdog of the First Ones. The One Great incarnate, the true master of the Universe, above even the God-Siblings. However this omnipotent vassal’s likelihood of existence is likely naught. As no being could possess such power.

Yggdrasil, is the direct spawn of the Yggdrasil. A sapling which spawned from a seed that drifted into the hide of the World-Serpent.

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