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Yggdrasil, also known as the “World-Tree“, is a massive tree. So large, that it could be considered a celestial body. It is the primary sub-realm of Nordenheim, and the other worlds of Nordenheim are nestled in its branches. By tapping into several gateways, inhabitants of Nordenheim’s sub-realms can enter Yggdrasil and traverse its branches to migrate to other realms. The tree is also directly connected to the World-Serpent, which grants it access to other realms and planes of existence.

It is guarded by the Skogsjäl, a cabal of organisms who have melded with Yggdrasil’s plant life and have vowed to protect their floral home. In the center of the tree, a pulsating structure known as the Livshjärta pumps luminescent blue liquid, known as Livsnerven, through the heart in giant translucent veins.

Yggdrasil is a mere sapling, derived from the mighty bough of the Yiggtree. As the offspring of the Yiggtree, Yggdrasil shares various features with its parent. The inhabitants of Nordenheim take this fact with pride, believing that one day, Yggdrasil will supplant the mighty Yiggtree. Although, this day will never come to pass.

The Nine Realms

The cosmic branches of Yggdrasil weave through the nine realms of Nordenheim, connecting them together both physically and dimensionally. Indeed, without Yggdrasil the nine realms of Nordenheim would drift into the Umbra and Nordenheim would be no more. The roots of Yggdrasil dig deep into the hide of the World-Serpent’s back, connecting Nordenheim to the entirety of the rest of the omniverse’s network.

The stygian branches of Yggdrasil can be accessed from the nine sub-realms via various gateways, fibrous gates akin to floral sphincters, that lead to the realm of Yggdrasil. These gates lead to both Yggdrasil and all other worlds it connects.

The Livshjärta

A deep and rhythmic thump echoes across the boughs of Yggdrasil, for the Livshjärta is the heart of Yggdrasil. Alike the heart of man or beast, it beats and pumps vital ichor throughout the fibers of the great tree. The veins of the great tree are translucent, showing the sparkling blue fluid within. This fluid, known as Livsnerven, is capable of many great feats of magical whimsy. It can be burned as an especially effective fuel, used to treat ailments, and most importantly transport the vital cosmic nutrients siphoned from the World-Serpent around the tree. Without the Livshjärta, all of Nordenheim would fall.

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