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The Wendigo-King is a powerful and feared leader of the Wendigo in the Aurora Woods. He is said to be the largest and strongest of all the Wendigo, standing at over 12 feet tall and weighing over 1000 pounds. He is covered in thick, shaggy white fur and has razor-sharp claws and teeth. His eyes are a piercing red and he is said to have the ability to control the minds of his prey.

The Wendigo-King is a ruthless and cunning leader, known for his brutal tactics and his ability to outsmart his enemies. He is feared not only for his physical strength, but also for his intelligence and strategic thinking. He is said to lead his pack with an iron fist, and any who defy him are quickly and brutally punished.

Despite his fearsome reputation, the Wendigo-King is also respected by his people for his fierce loyalty and dedication to protecting his pack. He is a fierce defender of his territory and will stop at nothing to keep his people safe from outside threats.

The Wendigo-Hunters of the Aurora Woods have made it their mission to capture or kill the Wendigo-King, but many have met their demise at his hands. He is considered to be one of the most dangerous creatures in the woods and his capture or death is considered a great achievement by the hunters.

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