Wendigo Council

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The Wendigo Council, formally referred as the Sarkic Council, is one of the Scorned King’s courts. It consists of twelve undead, cervine humanoids who have the ability and permission to critique and challenge the Scorned King’s decisions and activities. They are considered his limiters, as they oftentimes will halt the Scorned King’s brash actions, allowing him to think more clearly about the situation. They are not well respected among the Scorned King’s courts for challenging the Scorned King’s will.


The Sarkic Council lacks any leadership, as it is not nearly complex or large enough to warrant it. Instead, its members spend their time debating with one another, arguing, discussing plans, and shaping schemes. The chaotic order gives the Sarkic Council the ability to have a unique, but just, perspective on a given situation or emergency. When in dire times, or when communicating with the Scorned King, the Sarkic Council is united and especially orderly. The council is depicted outwardly as chaotic and annoying, although this is likely propaganda from the opposing courts of the Scorned King.


The Wendigo Council is ancient, to the point that it predates the stigma around berating the Scorned King and his actions. It is likely one of the first Courts to be formed. Strangely, there were little reports on its activities during the Schism. Although this could be blamed on the massive amount of information lost during the cyberwars that permeated the Schism.

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