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The Warden is a vermiform Aesoteric organism whose psionic capability is not comprehensible. These creatures appear feeble, ranging from 3.5 to 6 feet in length. Their psionic abilities are not usable in true combat, and their tripartite mandibles and barbed limbs are not strong enough to be used offensively. Alone, they are nothing but piloting larva; what gives them their namesake and authority is their ability to neurally connect to an offensive Dread-Mech, at which point they are known as Wardens.


The Warden vermiform organism can range from 3.5 to 5 feet in length. If the length of the tail blade is taken into account, its length may increase by 0.5-1 inch(s). The creature is dorsally armored with overlapping chitinous plates, usually a fleshy green in color. These plates harden towards the cranium, the most vulnerable part of this creature’s anatomy. They locomote through undulation, in a manner similar to slithering. Although they may also use their barbed limbs to scuttle in a similar manner to Scolopendra gigantea.

The vermiform organism is highly psionically capable, and very intelligent. These creatures show a great degree of sapience despite their bestial appearance. They use their psionic capabilities to pilot Dread-Mechs, constructed exoskeletons of bone and keratin designed to be piloted by the vermiform armed with myriad Aesoteric weapons. Without the exoskeleton, the vermiform is not a Warden, and vice versa. When the vermiform organism enters the Dread-Mech and gains control, they at long last live up to their name. Before the vermiform enters the exoskeleton, the Warden’s exoskeleton is a lifeless husk. However, once coupled they are a powerful foe and key forces in Aesoteric armies.

Wardens are given many duties, as guards, soldiers, and executioners. Some may even be thrown into the coliseums to fight for the sport of the Higher Lords of the Aesoteric. The versatility of the Warden is paramount to their commonality in martial Aesoteric activities.


It is often debated among Aesoteric scholars as to what came first: the Vermiform or the Mech. This question was only recently answered with assistance from the unfathomable Xothia Tablet, whose eldritch scriptures were only recently deciphered by the most intelligent of Aesoteric researchers. Oftentimes, Aesoteric history is lost to the ages, it is of great importance that the Warden’s origins have been once again uncovered.

The Dread-Mechs were originally biological autonomous constructs of bone and carapace, controlled remotely by Aesoteric pilots of myriad breed. Their use was common, as they, alike their modern counterparts, served as the backbone of myriad martial duties. When the Schism occurred, Gorramorrathenthax’s forces used bio-electromagnetic distortion to scramble the systems of the Dread-Mechs, rendering them useless in the endless battles. To combat this, the vermiform organisms now used to pilot the myriad flesh constructs inhabiting Ja’luhhor’Alotha were bred from embryonic Larva. Now, with manual pilots, the Dread-Mechs, known now as Wardens when coupled, could be sent back into the battlefield.

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