Vigilance Military Hierarchy

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Vigilance Unit-1 Standard Infantry and Unit-2 Anti-Insurgency Operatives force delinquents and their biological families, including children, in Greatovens to be executed.

The Vigilance is a vast and sprawling military tendril of Aesoteric might. It has a multitude of military rankings, separated into broader classifications known as Echelons. Below, Vigilance military ranks will be listed and encountered.

Echelon III

Echelon III is the lowest of the Echelons, consisting of the lower ranking members of the Vigil. Including infantry, cavalry, and standard soldier automaton and warmachines. Most members of Echelon III are conscripts, which makes the concentration of ethnic and biodiversity immense.

Organic Units

  • Unit-1 Standard Infantry – Unit-1 Standard Infantry consists of the lowest ranking ground troops in Vigil hierarchy. Usually lowly conscripts, their purpose in Aesoteric military endeavors is usually law enforcement or guarding efforts. They are armed with a small guass pistol, and an electric shock baton.
    • Unit-1 Warmind – Cognitively capable Unit-1 Infantry that is armored in an albino set of nigh impenetrable armor. They act as officers and leaders in groups of Unit-1 Standard Infantry. They are armed with plasmatic sabers, a plasma-shield, and a Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.
Unit-2 Anti-Insurgency Warmind.
  • Unit-2 Anti-Insurgency Operative – Unit-2 Anti-Insurgency Operatives (SurgeOP) are martial operatives that serve to quell rebellions and insurrections through tactical and offensive operations. They are armed to the teeth with protective carapace armor, trebuchets, and a plasmatic hoplon.
    • Anti-Insurgency Warmind – The Anti-Insurgency Warmind is a cyborg organism, akin to a centaur, the equine part of this mythical being would be replaced with a tank. Large and powerful, the Anti-Insurgency Warmind is armed with mortar shells, incendiary cannons, goremaul reaverblasters, and other extremely powerful weaponry. The Anti-Insurgency Warmind can also deploy canisters of toxic and flammable gas that can be used to flush cowering delinquents out of cover.

(Partially) Synthetic Organisms

An Octopod stalks the suburbs of an unknown city.
  • Unit-3 Synth Convoy – Unit-3 consists of cyborgs, artificially grown and designed lifeforms, and automatons known as Synths. It is the smallest of the Units in quantity, although its firepower surpasses every unit in its Echelon. It consists of thousands of differing units, but prioritizes the production of Synths that are listed below.
    • Octopod – Eight legged cyborg creatures grown in large barrel-like structures. They are designed to be equip with biological armaments, intelligence, and physical capability. They are around 3000 centimeters in height, with a bulbous body and head where the weapons are stored. As its name implies, the Octopod as eight spiny legs used for melee combat. The Octopod is armed with massive artificial railguns, incendiary grenade launchers, and flamethrowers which spew burning sulfur.
      • Tripod – Smaller version of the Octopod with only three limbs. They are used mostly for scouting, reconnaissance, and front-heading assaults. They are armed with twin gauss rifles and plasmatic blades on the ends of their triplet appendages.
    • Mite – Mites are small reconnaissance units roughly the size of a pin head. They act as wiretaps and may possibly even sabotage machinery and wiring in larger numbers.
      • Triop – Small entirely mechanical versions of the Mite that function in aquatic environments.
    • Catapult – Catapults are spider-like automatons with a gauss martial apparatus akin to a ballista. To protect itself from the potential damage that could be inflicted from the apparatus’s extreme recoil, the Catapult will anchor itself into the ground before firing. Rendering it immobile.
    • Bulwark – Highly modified variants of Tridacna gigas, they use their phallic tentacles to slowly scrape across the battlefield. They act as living cover and protection, using their shells to protect against salvos and mortar shells.
    • Hateself – When citizens of Vigilance occupied territory turn to suicide, their corpses are harvested. Creating bloated, fetid cyborgs that only exist to act as living martyrs of Aesoteric victory. For, the creatures are strapped with plastic explosives, and their corpulent flesh is saturated in flammable acid. Which creates a violent explosion and shower of burning matter.
    • Prowler – Tripodal cyborgs around 274 centimeters in height. They are extremely effective assassins and stealth troopers. Their primary weapons are their salvos of metal barbs, electromagnetically launched at exceedingly high speeds towards targets. Sometimes Prowlers may act as snipers, but most prefer close-range and more fast-paced battles.
    • Probe – Pneumatically autonomous drone that is purely created for reconnaissance purposes. They may occasionally be attached to other synths or even other soldiers in other units to be released for quick reconnaissance. They can switch between thermal and standard vision.

Echelon II

Echelon II consists of aerial forces exclusively. This echelon is separated into martial aerial forces, and command aerial forces. The former of which are exclusively used for combat, and the latter are used to command troops from the safety of the sky. This echelon consists almost entirely of synths. As the Vigilance has no officially produced aquatic units, it depends on aerial vehicles to attack waterborne targets.

Offensive Units

  • A-4 Gunship – The A-4 Gunship is a cyborg organism that rules the skies in battle. They have multi-utility, as they are used in a multitude of combat scenarios. Including protection, surveillance, airsupport, and more. In urban environments or when protecting essential facilities the “buddy system,” in which one A-4 Gunship. protects the other from missile attacks. However, when deployed to oversee vast spaces (such as the coast), they are deployed singularly. A-4 Gunships resemble aquatic eurypterids with cybernetic enhancements, including propellers, thrusters, and powerful gauss and acid-based weaponry.
    • A-4 Stealth Bomber – Similar in appearance to the A-4 Gunship, but slightly larger and jet black in color. The anti-ground armaments of a standard A-4 Gunship are replaced by multiple compartments for releasing bombs and mortars. A-4 Stealth Bombers fly silently with wings akin in appearance and coloration to Mobula birostris.
  • Clusterdropper – The Clusterdropper is stolen from Aesoteric schematics belonging to other military tendrils. Resembling enormous squids, they use their tentacles to spew fleshy pods onto the battlefield. These pods crash land, causing damage to the surrounding cover or troops, and then unfurl to release their contents: a platoon of Vigil ground units.
  • Mil Mi-24 Attack Helicopter – The Mil Mi-24 Attack Helicopter is a gunship attack helicopter with the capability to store eight passengers. It is a combination of an armored gunship and troop transport. Originally assimilated into Vigilance military from an unknown communist nation, it has become widespread in the Vigilance airforce.
  • Saucer – Remotely piloted anti-air units in the shape of saucers, hence the name. They are armed with gauss weaponry and missile-based explosive weaponry designed to target enemy aircraft. Saucers are actually formed from eight sub-ships which magnetically connect, and the Saucer can detach one or more o these sub-ships. If the Saucer is targeted by airstrike, it may split to quickly disperse and decrease the likelihood of being hit.
    • Saucer Sub-ship – Saucer Sub-ships are mostly anti-ground aerial vehicles, only capable of anti-air potential when united with other sub-ships. They are armed with rotary gun turrets, small gauss weaponry, and small but powerful multi-barreled machine guns. Some versions of the Sub-ship may be able to deploy the gas canisters used by Anti-Insurgency Warminds.

Command Units

  • Skymind – The Skymind is a large aerial unit resembling a floating brain. They commonly fly over the battlefield, observing passively using their eyestalks. When data is obtained, they will retreat and latch onto a protected structure to deliver commands to aerial forces.
  • Skyhive – The Skyhive is a massive semi-mobile headquarters that operates all aerial forces not piloted by an inner Vigil soldier. It is usually immobile, buried under piles of rubble to protect and camouflage itself. If its location is detected or relocation is required, it will depend on smaller drones known as Chariots to pull it to safety or a tactically superior area. If destroyed, the aerial forces of the Vigilance will become disoriented and may possibly be even recalled.
    • Chariot – Small (in comparison to the Skyhive) robotic entities around the size of a school bus. They are tethered to a Skyhive via cables and chains, and use the large amount of thrusters and propellers on their bulk to pull or push the attached Skyhive to safety or a tactically superior location.

Echelon I

Echelon I consists of entities that are not present on the battlefield, and serve as commanders of the entire Vigilance Sept.

  • Strategist – Organisms whose lower half consists of a monolithic block of circuitry stabbing into the floor of their domain. They use their lower half and the quad-set of petal-like fleshprotrusions around it to compute and calculate battle strategies. All of which is done in a motion in which the Strategist pulses or flaps its petals. They are usually found in clusters around the Vigilance Sept’s headquarters. Strategists are the masterminds behind the majority of Vigilance battle tactics and war doctrine.
  • Advisor – Large sturgeon-like creatures with myriapod-like legs. They are completely helpless in combat, and depend on their armor suits to not be defenseless. Advisors, as their name implies, advise the higherups.
  • Overseer – A colossal artificial intelligence sprawling across every Vigilance Sept. It can be heard as a voice relaying commands from HiCom to troops that require vocal ques to follow direction. While it is listed highly in the command structure, it has no actual authority beyond being a proxy of commanders like the Skyhive or Warminds. It is likely a derivative clone of Hubert.
  • Vigil One – The Vigil Ones are the eldritch horrors leading the Septs of the Vigilance. Directly created and appointed by the Scorned King, their existence is a secret and they rule the Vigil with a calculated iron-fist.
  • Scorned King – The supreme leader of the Aesoteric as a whole, he guides even the Vigil Ones. His influence is present in every Echelon of the Vigil.

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