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Titans are hulking automatons piloted by various organisms. They are usually humanoid, although some more exotic Titans may come in unique forms. Originally, Titans were invented convergently by various groups, however their design, production, etc, has mostly been standardized. While the many groups involved in their convergent creation have invented Titans for multiple reasons, most are drastic modifications and upgrades of military exoskeletons.

Some Titans even display a degree of sapience and sentience aside from their pilot, capable of communication, thought, and independent movement. Multiple bounty-hunters and other loners have grown highly attached to their Titans.


While the many groups involved in their convergent creation have invented Titans for multiple reasons, most are modifications and upgrades of military exoskeletons. These modifications allowed myriad factions to create powerful sources of manpower for both civil and military use. Eventually, groups such as the Aesoteric began to create exceptionally powerful Titan-based weaponry used exclusively by their automatons.

Eventually, various scientists and engineers created “Plugs” on the limbs, backs, and heads of these powerful robots. Plugs, being nozzles on which various external attachments can be added to the Titan. Including weapons, cognitive attachments, scanner arrays, etc,. Titans became customizable, and ultimately widely available to the public. While most civilians had access to only the smallest of Titans, the wealthy and powerful had access to hulking behemoths that could level cities. It is said that even the Scorned King himself has a Titan, although whether or not this Titan is actually used or even exists is debatable.

Titan-related homicides, massacres, and general mischief began to spread across many of the realms that invented them. Until an association of sophisticated Titan engineers, Titanologists, and tacticians founded the Association of Titan-Pilots. Which, standardized and illegalized various Titan-based attachments and plug locations. As of modern day, the Association of Titan-Pilots holds a monopoly over Titan use and production, and while this inter-realm group claims to control Titan use and production for the greater good, corruption still runs amok.



Unarmed Titans can often be fielded in a variety of roles such as agriculture, logistics, shipping and salvage, search and rescue, cargo transport and construction. These Titans usually lack Plugs and are factory-produced through a common blueprint. Usually, the cockpits of unarmed Titans are simplistic enough for basic laborers to navigate and pilot them.

The most famous form of a Titan are custom-built Titans. Which are tailored by the whims of their owner by engineers skilled in the custom creation of such Titans. Who are often referred to as Titansmiths. Most Titans that are custom-built have an abundance of plugs, attachments, and other features not present in those factory-built or mass-produced. The cockpits of these Titans are designed to the strange whims of the many organisms who desire their own custom-Titan. It is said that the Scorned King has a custom-built Titan specifically designed to house his bulk.

Exotic Titans are the weird and whimsical automatons created by the various unfathomable beings who have attempted to create their own Titans. Exotic Titans can also be created by more conventional species for very specific and specialized tasks, such as the quadrupedal, cat-like, Aesoteric Scout-Titans, and the centipede-like Aesoteric Borer-Titans. The pilots of these Titans are often strange organisms, and as such their cockpits are nigh ineffable to conventional beings.

Martial Titans are Titans specifically used in combat. Usually, these Titans will have Plugs on their backs and hands, where weapons and scanner-arrays can be placed. Martial Titans are piloted by specially trained soldiers, who have learned over many years the many nuances of piloting and fighting with a Titan. Indeed, Martial Titans are some of the few versions of a Titan that are capable of independent thought and action without a pilot. As such, a symbiotic relationship is employed between the pilot and Titan.

Titan Chassis and Classes

Titan Chassis are the highly customizable skeletons of a Titan. They are pilot-able, although they are equipped with only the most basic of attachments. Chassis are appropriately modified and upgraded, creating the many classes of Titan. Titan Classes are merely the classifications for the various different standardized upgrades and modifications to a bare Titan-chassis. As an example, the Construction-Class Titan is a bare Titan-chassis customized to be tailored for construction and other similar duties.

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