The Great Chasm

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The Great Chasm, also known as the Hub, is a titanic hollow which leads to all the other lands/worlds in Ja’luhhor’Alotha. The Great Chasm is predominantly vertical, as the points of interest consist of the vast cliffs that border it. All travelers who seek to use the Great Chasm to migrate locations must have expertise in advanced mountain climbing and vertical movement.

The bottom of the Great Chasm is an endless abyss, leading to inevitable death. As such, the cliffs and walls of the Hub are the only safe haven when attempting to travel. Because of the dangerous qualities of the Great Chasm, it is mostly used for travel between other lands, and no successful habitation by sapient lifeforms has ever occurred.

The Great Chasm is crowned by a central stalactite which creeps down into the endless abyss. Bursting from the center of this stalactite is a great white dwarf. Small enough to fit snugly in the crevice its solar existence has created, but large enough to illuminate the entirety of the Great Chasm and all the lands that connect to it.

Like scars or bullet holes, entrances to other land are often unnaturally contrasting with the Hub. Their unique composition melding and corrupting that of the Hub’s. The entrances are directly entwined to the cliffs, meaning that the only way to access them is vigorous climbing. These entrances may lead to small tendrils of other lands, hard to navigate and make use of, or lead straight into the vast expanse of a new land.


While there are vast excursions of travelers climbing to other lands, there are no true permanent inhabitants of the Great Chasm. With the exception of a few flying species which nest in the jagged crags, all lifeforms inside the Hub are simply using it as a mode of simpler travel from place to place. There is potential for vertical habitation with use of advanced tents or platforms, but no society has been discovered with the capability to create such a thing.

There are multiple species of fungus, lichen, moss, and other floral organisms in the Great Chasm. Some of which may be edible, although most appear to either be completely harmless or highly dangerous for various reasons.

List of Obscure Sub-Realms connected to the Great Chasm

  • The Fimbulfrost – A vast icy, tundra-esque location inhabited by various frost-drakes and other lifeforms. One of the most infamous are the Irondrakes, which appear to be animated statues of sharp tear-shaped scrap metal. It is accessible via a singular small cave which acts more as a doorless gate than anything else. It has multiple pools of glimmering water, stalactites, and a small encampment for travelers. Allegedly, a bush just past the veil from the Great Chasm to the Fimbulfrost contains a book which contains knowledge on all sub-realms. Near the entrance to the Fimbulfrost are a series of various stone pillars, which have various drakes and dragons encased in a time-loop atop them.
  • The Greenpath – A location accessible via a steep climb and a thin diagonal cave-slit. It is made form green, bulbous stone with glowing vein-like creases. The Greenpath is an extremely claustrophobic place, as the emerald caves are very tight and some are even flooded.
  • The Studio – Accessible via a man-hole on a small plateau of granite, the Studio is a monochrome realm resembling a terran building from the 1940s (Earthen time designation). It is stained with thick black ink, and allegedly connects with another realm known as the Playplace. Which resembles a sprawling abandoned, albeit pristine, toy-factory with shiny concrete floors and colored murals on its walls. The Studio has an infinite supply of food, known as Pork-Soup, and is almost completely sheltered from both hostile fauna and Aesoteric influence.

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