The Draft

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Section 0.65.4-A of the Draft, designated the Poolrooms.

The Draft, also known as the Prototype, or the Backrooms, is the prototype version of reality; the preliminary sketch of the universe. The powers that created reality as known began with the Draft as practice, before moving on to create the current reality we reside in, Ja’luhhor’Alotha, leaving the Backrooms all but forgotten. The realm is enigmatic, only accessible via fleeting entrances from the Great Chasm.

The Backrooms are not sentient or malicious in any way. It doesn’t create any of its architecture or lifeforms out of some innate drive or desire any more than a computer algorithm desires to create images or writing. It simply copies and contorts things from other worlds because it had been left to its own devices for eons, and now it has grown beyond the control or scope of anything we can hope to control or comprehend.


Unknown cave system unnaturally transitions into Section 1.000-1A of the Draft. An example of Kenopsic meshing.

There is no true consistent entrance to the Draft, in the Great Chasm at least. Some lifeforms have reported seeing entrances to the Draft from the Great Chasm, wallpaper and cement spreading like vines onto the Hub’s crag. These entrances tear themselves open, and then are slowly mended by the stone of the Great Chasm; it is not safe to use these entrances.

Kenopsic Meshing

Potentially, darker regions of other worlds may gradually transition into locations in the Backrooms, most commonly Section 1.000-1A. This meshing of the Draft and other Ja’luhhor’Alotha worlds is known as Kenopsic meshing, and can potentially occur anywhere at any time. This is the most common way to access the Draft. Unfortunately, once an organism crosses the threshold there is no turning back.


The Backrooms is an endless labyrinths of hostile modern architecture, of varying appearance. Although it usually consists of strangely created corridors and rooms made from vintage yellow or white wallpaper, dingy fluorescent lights, and moist decrepit carpet.

Subsection 1.7659-2A of the Draft.

But, you may ask, if the Backrooms are older than our reality, why does it resemble modern-day construction? Well, just like our own universe, the Prototype is not static; they grow and evolve over time, but unlike our reality, it has no preexisting template with which to work off of, so instead it works backwards, copying parts of our world and conforming it to the Backrooms. Simple geometric forms and inanimate objects are easy to copy- walls, floors, pipes, lights, railings, chairs, stairs- hence why the Backrooms look like, well, a bunch of rooms.

But as demonstrated, this mindless copying of construction without any human thought or care put into it results in a nigh-inhospitable, labyrinthine nightmare, like trying to build a computer without inventing electricity first.


Sighting of unknown lifeform in Section 1.000-1B of the Draft.
Unknown lifeform spotted in Section 2060957-0.65-A976

The worst of its nightmarish generation is when the Backrooms attempts to copy living things, especially people. People were its first attempt at life- after all, these buildings it copies were built by people for people, so it “needed” people for living in the buildings within the Backrooms. But humans are far more complex than a carpet or a florescent light, so the end results (the ones that survive more than a few seconds anyway) are even more crude and slapdash than the buildings. Although some are far more biologically stable.

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