The Decrepit One

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This is, along with the Sentinel, is the last creature to be documented in 2022 (Earthen Time designation), happy new years organisms.

The Decrepit One is an entity that roams the Draft. It is known for its hunched posture, extremely strange movement, and unique cranium structure. It is the only creature fully documented to inhabit the Draft, and encountering it is exceedingly unlikely.


The Decrepit One has three limbs, one of which diverges into an outgrowth that hinders its movement. The creature’s face is seemingly blown apart, and what remains pulsates and throbs. The creature, in a similar manner to all other photographed organisms inhabiting the Draft. The Decrepit One’s only grasping appendage is mostly used in assisting locomotion, as it is highly swollen and lumpy.


The Decrepit One is extremely aggressive, incapable of seeing or hearing. The creature throbs and tantrums about releasing ungodly screeches, ghastly monologues about its hatred of life. If it somehow manages to acquire the location of another organism, it will do whatever possible to inflict as much harm upon them as possible. The Decrepit One is known to easily give up on chases, however. Likely do to the pain that is inflicted upon it merely by moving.

When not screaming or weeping, the creature is almost always completely motionless.

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  1. Happy New Years. The Decrepit One, along with the Sentinels, are the last organisms to ever be documented on this archive in 2022. We hope for a bountiful next year.

    Happy hunting!

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