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A Switchchamber with two bonetunnels visible. The central core located at the bottom of the Switchchamber directly interprets the control nozzle’s commands to the Bonetunnels.
Interior of a Bonetunnel

A Switchchamber is a large room in which there are multiple segmented bonetunnels leading to other locations. Using the control nozzle, one can extend the segments of their desired bonetunnel, which causes it to extend in length until it reaches the user. Upon which point, the user can walk through the extended bonetunnel until they reach the genuine entrance to their desired travelpoint.

Each Bonetunnel can quickly retract to its original location, leaving any being currently traversing its extended form plummeting to their death. The entire purpose of the Switchchamber is to create a simple and efficient way for Aesoteric travellers to locomote to other locations around Ja’luhhor’Alotha; and also act as an effective defense when all bonetunnels are retracted, which completely stops enemy movement.

They are prevalent around Ja’luhhor’Alotha, specifically its indoor environments. Travellers must purchase a Switchchamber license to mesh with its control nozzle and use it, which can only be obtained after rigorous mental training to be loyal to the Aesoteric cause. There is one control nozzle per Bonetunnel.

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