Subject X-24: Männi Ursa

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The following document pertains to all information correlating to “Subject X-24”. This document has been approved by the almighty Cyber-Researcher, and will be de-classified until further notice. Grammatical errors have been improved for sake of clarity for future readers.


  • NAME: Männi Ursa
  • AGE: 42
  • SEX: M

Based on previous documents, “Männi Ursa” seems to be a nickname, his status is unknown but presumed terminated. He was a 42 year old who worked for the Björnskötare before being siphoned.

As with every other human captured, Männi wrote notes and entries on pieces of paper and other scraps he could obtain. They have been collected.

Two weeks ago he was relocated to a derelict series of underground chambers, the organism has not been detected since. Both cameras and radars failed to detect the specimen, and results from the tests were not fruitful.

Subject Entries

Week 1

Entry 1: From the first piece of paper I found that had blood splatters, I knew I was in for a trip. I don’t know where I am, there is dust everywhere. Its so dark. I feel like i’m walking on the moon. Why did God spite me in this way? What did I do? Who have I been praying too this whole time? I have to find out what the ever-loving fuck is going on.

“I feel empathy for what we put our subjects through, too bad I couldn’t express it.”
-Extirpated Researcher.

Entry 2: I lost the page I wrote on. I found a few stacks of paper in an office space. It was a long walk from where I was before. I had to eat a gnome-looking ass corpse on my way here. There’s a skeleton hanging on a noose. I need company, I’ll call him Woltjek!

“At this point a decline in mental well-being and stability can be noted. It is plausible that the organism has developed tendencies analogous to necrophilia based upon Document 3.”

Entry 3: The little brown bear said to the Kodiak bear “What’s your zodiac?”. The Kodiak bear responded with “It’s a Kodiak”, then Woltjek thumped thumped in with a large kitchen knife and said “Back off or I’ll use this knife! I’m really hungry!”.

“Eliminating malignant cell-masses were the least of our concerns until we realized it incapacitated our subjects.”

Entry 4: I traveled further east. I came across a small settlement in the ruined architecture. They seemed like peaceful people until they held their spears up. I ran like the wind. A weird bug crawled on me, I ate it because i’m hungry and skinny to the bone. P.S to Woltjek, Sleep soundly.

Week 2

Entry 1: “It has been a week, it felt like Christmas. I found a backpack, such a convenience. I’m in the mood to be organized today, maybe i’ll do something.

  • TO DO: Find a way to escape
  • TO DO: Write bear story

Entry 2: There was a generator buzzing in the room I was in. I used the heat and exhaust to warm myself and cook food. I guess I left something flammable out because the thing exploded. I made it out but I have a third degree burn on my arm and its probably going to rot or some shit if I don’t get medical attention. It’s going to be 2 hours until 12. Thank god I have a watch, something to remind me of home. I’ll write that bear story, for Woltjek.

Entry 3: The first bear said “Guys I hear a polar bear, lets fight with it!”. The hooded bear said “No freakin way!”, the other bear said “But why not?”. Suddenly, the whole forest exploded but only killed the hooded bear. The bears all shouted “Oh my god, they killed Benny!”, they couldn’t handle it and ended their lives the end. (God, that was morbid).

Entry 4: I squeezed through a ruined door and found a secret complex. There are weird robots patrolling around, muttering glitched orders and commands. I don’t know how long ago this place was wrecked, or who wrecked it. But it seems safe, so I’ll stay for now.

Week 3

Entry 3: “Oh my god there was a breach earlier, why does God want me dead so hard what is his problem?, I only did a little bit of weed. now I’m out in the desert again, all alone, well earlier I felt something brush up against my leg, it was Wotjek. He’s in my backpack right now, I’m gonna carry him forever until I die!, P.S Wanda please stop it.”

Entry 4: I saw an eye peering from the darkness when I went to get food. Like the devil was winking at me. I tried to make sure it didn’t follow me, I hope that it didn’t. I really hope it didn’t.

Entry 5: There’s been a breach, something ineffable tore down the doors in. It slaughtered the malfunctioning robots, my only company. Its chattering is awful. I don’t know what to do anymore, I really don’t.

This was the last recorded entry from X-24. Samples of hemostains in the area of the supposed “breach” match with those taken of X-24 previously. The subject is assumed decease, and his role as test subject will be supplanted.

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