South Bronchial Forests

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Not to be confused with the Northern Bronchial Forests.

The South Bronchial Forests, once sealed by the Greatsphincter of Aszlimigoth, is a vast jungle of macroscopic respiratory organs. Titanic trees of alveoli that swell to bulbous proportions pump unknown aerosols into the bloodstream of Ja’luhhor’Alotha. Meanwhile, great rows of gills of continental proportions siphon millions of tons of gas into the Forests.

The Southern Bronchial Forests are the counterpart to the Northern Bronchial Forests, which hold similar anatomy but are larger in size. These forests are some of the few pocketrealms of Ja’luhhor’Alotha consistently guarded by Penancekin patrols, making habitation or annexation of the Forests impossible. Its entrance, the calcerous gate of Aszlimigoth, leads directly into a mighty bronchial tunnel, which upon nine kilometers of travel, leads to the forest itself.


Once thought to be impenetrable, there has been no proposed explanation for Aszlimigoth relaxing and allowing access into the forest. It has been suggested that the sphincter opens every few centuries to inhale vast amounts of compounds before closing to metabolize them, and open again to exhale waste products. Both forests seem to open their entry-sphincters in sequence, only one will open at a time. Ja’luhhor’Alotha’s seasons are based on the opening of the exhalation and inhalation of the Bronchial Forests and the effects that brings to the rest of the realm.

The Sphincter itself is found in the bone reefs of Qrizh; the osseous formations morph into swirling towers as one becomes closer and closer in proximity to the Greatsphincter. Ultimately, entry becomes highly dangerous as the closest of these pillars are armed with biological sessile defensive-sentries, which spew streams of cauterizing liquid at any creature not apart of the Alothian immune-system.

The Bronchial forests are quite dangerous indeed. The environment is constantly shifting, as the tissues flex and contract to stimulate respiration. Spongiforme tissues can easily be fallen through like quicksand, and vast cyclones rip through the fleshscape.

Areas throughout the forest that prove to be safe from the unstable ground, bioweather hazards, and Penancekin include the cartilage greatcages, containing macroganglion, and the actual entrance tunnel itself.

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