Sleeping Giant of Aurora Woods

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There are many cursed and mythical beings in the shrouded Aurora Woods. However, none quite match the sense of awe and scale around the Sleeping Giant. An eldritch being, currently placed in slumber an ineffable aura of runes. Nothing can wake it, at least, nothing natural.

The Sleeping Giant is a massive creature that is said to reside deep within the heart of the woods. It is said to be a giant made of stone and earth, who has been in a deep slumber for centuries. The creature is said to be the size of a mountain and is said to have the power to shake the earth with its movements. It is believed by the inhabitants of Aurora Woods that the Sleeping Giant is a powerful being that holds the balance of nature in its hands. Some believe that it is a guardian of the woods, while others believe that it is a destructive force that must be kept asleep at all times. The Wendigo-Hunters of the Aurora Woods are the ones that are tasked with keeping the giant asleep and protecting it from anyone who wants to wake it up.

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