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Larval organism held in the hands of Homo Sapiens.

Skorkahathis, more simply known as Larva, are oligopod forms. They are poorly sclerotized, with a flat thorax and abdomen. Most are short legged and inactive burrowing forms. While most inhabit the subterranean mulch in the Blood Swamps in a primarily inactive life, others are highly active. Squirming from place to place feasting on whatever can enter their mandibles.

The mouthpieces of Skorkahathis organisms are dripping with an extremely dangerous venom, which induces necrosis almost instantly on the bite location. Their venom is sometimes extracted for use on other forms of weaponry. Also, their flesh is fatty and enriched with proteins and minerals. This makes these creatures a potential foodsource to any society brave enough to venture to the Blood Swamps to find them.

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