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A Scuttlebug mother and her larvae.

The Scuttlebug, also known as the ᛋᚲᚢᛏᛏᛚᛖᚱ, is a medium-sized herbivorous aquatic organism native to Midgard and Ja’luhhor’Alotha. Scuttlebugs populations are more concentrated in the former locations, as Midgardians do not hunt or fish for them. Some eccentric collectors will capture and breed Scuttlebugs, and place them in ponds around their property. These so-called “Scuttleponds” are popular choices for decor in the rich and the powerful’s gardens and yards.

Their meat can be eaten raw and cooked, and has been described as tasting similar to a lobster. Their chitin, when removed from the flesh, can be used for armor in a pinch. Also, their larva can be consumed live, dried, or smoked as a quick snack. Usually, Scuttlebugs are farmed in large tanks when bred for consumption. Although some isolated individuals and societies may still use nets and snares to catch them wild-caught.

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