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View of the Shugmazqcinzcx.

R’lyeh is a cosmic city floating anchored directly to the back of the World-Serpent. Neither apart of the Umbra or any other realm, R’lyeh is the omniversal hub of inter-realm trade, communication, etc,. The immense electrical requirements of the city are fulfilled by a great ineffable horror located in a great vault at the city’s heart. The city has a population in the trillions. The climate of the city is cold and moist.


R’lyeh was originally part of an unknown, highly advanced realm. Whom was populated by a race of mycetal crustaceans known as the Mi-Go. Their technological advances were so powerful and capable that the Mi-Go were seen as gods among their neighboring realms. Despite their peaceful society and actions with their neighbors, fear would build among the weakest of the realms. These realms would form together to form a great alliance to destroy the Mi-Go and plunder both their realm and its innovation.

The various realms created a device capable of aggravating the World-Serpent, her undulations would then shake the realm of the Mi-go into the Umbra and cause their downfall. This process would, thankfully, take thousands of years as the realm would slowly fall off Naga’thath’s back.

When the device was finally activated, the World-Serpent’s rumbling fury shook the Mi-go further and further towards death. They were not anticipating attack, and had no defense against such an assault. In a bout of nuclear fury, the Mi-Go retaliated, causing the complete obliteration of the realms so terrified of death to the Mi-Go’s hands (more accurately claw-thingies). The Mi-go attempted to calm the serpent, but it would only delay the inevitable.

In a last desperate attempt, thousands of chains and anchors were ejected from the ethereal capital city of the Mi-Go: R’lyeh. These anchors would dig deep into the flesh of the World-Serpent, akin to the branches of Yggdrasil and the sarcous appendages of Ja’luhhor’Alotha. Only the strongest and smartest of the Mi-Go were deemed worthy to migrate to R’lyeh, as to prevent overpopulation and eventual resource shortage. Trillions died as the rest of the realm crumbled into the darkness beyond the World-Serpent.

R’lyeh, originally a portion of interconnected fragments, gradually expanded over time. The advanced technology which supported the Mi-Go for aeons previous proved its merit in the expansion of R’lyeh. It prospered as both its physical size and population boomed. Eventually, the great city made itself known among the community of realms across the World-Serpent. R’lyeh became a center of trade and diplomacy as thousands of species migrated in and out of the city at all times.

The city has been involved in various wars throughout its existence, although it usually maintains neutrality. During Ragnarök the city sided with Nordenheim over Ja’luhhor’Alotha, however. Above all us, the leaders and citizens of R’lyeh believe in a noble code of honor and participation in only what is right.


R’lyeh is a vast multi-layered city, interconnected by bridges and other means of transport. Various structures are seen floating, or appear to be non-euclidean in origin. Indeed, the city is beyond the laws of physics after living so long on the brink of the Umbra, chaos, and the World-Serpent, order. The great city has a vast system of trams, bridges, blimps, and other means of aerial travel. Its multi-storied floating structures and platforms are connected through ladders, or great ducts of air that propel organisms through the sky.

The city is surrounded on all sides by formidable security, including variously advanced defense turrets, plasmatic shielding, interdimensional martial ships, etc,. The city is also guarded by a vast wall of stone and metal, surrounding it from all sides and acting as the vanguard and base of operations for the city’s military and defensive procedures. Various watchtowers and barracks make up the entirety of the great wall, making it highly defensible.

Indeed, the borders of the city serve yet another purpose. Here, the great anchors and chains keeping R’lyeh stable are held and cared for. Now a trillion-strong, these steel anchors are impenetrable and sturdy. Some are used in the harvesting of the World-Serpent’s scales, which are a popular building material. Other resources on the back of the World-Serpent are also farmed through the use of these anchors. Indeed, nebulous algae, star-mites, and other various goods are plucked from Naga’thath’s back with these great hooks.


  • Shugmazqcinzcx – The Shugmazqcinzcx is the central district of R’yleh. It contains all governmental facilities, embassies, and other jobs of high importance to the city’s function. This ancient district holds the last remaining bastion of Mi-Go culture before its destruction at the ends of the coalition of ass-holish realms. Indeed, various structures are from the aeons before R’yleh’s surrendering. The capital building, Shabborakxaq, is home to the entirety of R’yleh’s governing group and any important discussions. It also contains the Vault of Oomshmaz, which keeps imprisoned an unknown beast that fuels the electrical demands of the city; as such, no electrical district is found in R’yleh.
  • Zstylzhemgni – The Zstylzhemgni is the everyman’s district. While there are no slums in the heavenly city of R’yleh, there are some rather dangerous parts of the Zstylzhemgni. It contains the jobs of the average R’ylehian citizen, including office work, retail work, etc,. This district does not have grand architecture alike the Shugmazqcinzcx, and only is built upon what is necessary. While there is some flair, no unnecessary details are included in the architecture of the Zstylzhemgni. It contains the highest presence of metros in the city.
  • Ycnágnnisssz – Ycnágnnisssz is the worker’s district, home of the laborers. Farmers, factory-men, blacksmiths, the jobs that require true strength and resilience are found here. The blocky and monolithic architecture of the Ycnágnnisssz has no personality to it, unlike the previous districts. Bare piping and wires run through the industrial, polluted workscape; it would be inefficient to make Ycnágnnisssz look good.
  • Hziulquoigmnzhah – Hziulquoigmnzhah is the residential district of R’yleh. A rather sleepy part of the city, it contains the resting hives of the Mi-Go, and other housing accommodations for the various species which inhabit this district. It is directly connected to every district, and only organisms granted either citizen or pardon from the R’ylehian government can rest here.
  • Uulluuuazqdevquigmnzah – Both the military and naval hub of R’yleh, Uulluuuazqdevquigmnzah is the district consisting of the great outer wall and the docks and anchors that surround it. Docks harbor R’yleh’s formidable naval forces and act as entry point for friendly vessels, anchors yank and plunk and tear organic resources from the World-Serpent’s flesh, and great barracks loom over the gargantuan wall and its defenses that stop threats from destroying the great city.

External Relations

R’yleh maintains neutrality regardless of circumstance on almost every occasion. It never sides with anyone and helps everyone, although it may isolate itself from warmongering realms or ones serving as battlegrounds. Despite this, R’yleh has a tendency to gravitate towards favoring realms that prefer to do “What is right”. Defined as the act of doing good deeds and sparing as much life as possible. As such, R’yleh gravitates more towards realms like Athanagild than say Nordenheim or Ja’luhhor’Alotha. The latter of which, has explicitly demonstrated their willingness to invade R’yleh.

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