Red Lighting

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The ancient and enigmatic Red Lightning incantations are the powerful predominant magicks of the Dragons. Rarely used by beings of the mortal coil, those with the capability to wield it are considered the strongest of all electrical manipulators. It is said that Red Lightning flows through the World-Serpent, and is the antithesis to the Blackflame of Azathoth.

The most powerful users of Red Lighting include N’nosk the Fell, who forms it into greatspears and crackling glaives, and the Ancient Dragon Lanseax. Phisi, Warrior of the Alapasian Tundras, popularized the use of Ice Lightning in competition to Red Lighting. While Red Lighting is enigmatic and generally unbeknownst to the wide populace, requiring great skill to wield adequately, Ice Lighting only requires meager skill.

Red Lighting is infamously used by N’nosk the Fell, and is his primary choice of magical incantation. His aptitude in Blackflame also suggests that Red Lightning may synergize with the flames of Daemons. Indeed, while different, the God-Siblings share together than what meets the eye.

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