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Driven only by a singular desire to feed, the Ravenoid is likely to appear wherever there is flesh to be consumed, bringing with it an insatiable propensity for hunger.” – Unholy Sinux Archives

The Ravenoid is a bulbous flying carnivorous organism which has a unique spore-based reproductive system. Ravenoids are non-sentient, but close relatives to Ocular Tyrants. Both of which have multiple similarities, but many more stark differences. While most are feral and savage, some have been domesticated as draught animals or mounts.

Ravenoids have violet blood, this is due to a presence of haemerythrin in their bloodstream.


Ravenoids are very similar to Ocular Tyrants, being bulbous in appearance, using carbon monoxide sacks to hover in the air, and having an enormous cyclopean eye. Unlike Ocular Tyrants however, Ravenoids lack tentacles and eyestalks, instead using their withered club-like limbs and massive mandibles to obtain prey.

Their blood-red hide is highly thick, resistant to most kinetic ranged weaponry, and almost every form of melee attack. The only thing known to pierce the hide of a Ravenoid is their own teeth. Multiple specific hunters of Ravenoids use their teeth as blades to cut cleanly through their flesh. The endless hunger of the Ravenoid is complimented by their massive stomach pouches and fat reserves, which allow them to consume and store massive amounts of nutrients without getting full.

In a similar manner to the Ocular Tyrants, Ravenoids can fire an electric beam from their iris, although its effects are minuscule in comparison to their kin.

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