Phantaheim, Capital of Grace

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O’ city of shimmering Gold, thee grants us shelter and safety.

– Unknown

Phantaheim is the Capital of Grace, ruled by the divine Gustav the Golden, located at the foot of the mighty Yiggtree. Once dominated by the regime of Dragonlord Phigilstrayax, Phantaheim still retains elements of its architectural draconic heritage. The city is known for its stunning beauty, sophisticated knowledge centers, and its prideful military.

Gustav the Golden, the aurous monarch of Phantaheim, rules elegantly with a golden fist. Sitting atop his royal palace of Hyrmgine, carved into the Yiggtree itself, he projects the gilded magics of Phantaheim across the city and its vassals. Once known as the Draconic City of Grimgir, Gustav the Golden overthrew its Dragonlord Supreme, Phigilstrayax, and installed a new regime in the newly founded city of Phantaheim.

The Capital of Grace sits upon the ruins of an ancient complex, formed from the dreadrotted corpse of a great outer being. Within the bowels of this ghastly corpse, lies the gateway to the Elden Precipice. Where the machinations of the World-Serpent and Azathoth unfurl.


Deep within the smoldering citadel of Hyrmgine, the Dragonlord Phigilstrayax ruled his slaver city-state from his magmatic perch. The great dragons and their lesser kin captured thousands of slavers to act as their labor-workforce. The draconic slaver-regime lasted aeons, utilizing their powerful shockflame magic to destroy invaders and enslave all that lurked around them.

The Dragonlord’s regime plummeted into dust when the mighty Gustav the Golden led a slave-armada to overthrow his dark empowerment. When the dust settled, the city was all but in ruins and the great Phigilstrayax retreated into a typhoon beyond time to escape death, awaiting a savior to his plight. Gustav was crowned as the first king of Phantaheim, and given the title of “Golden”.

The city was rebuilt under the title of “Phantaheim”, the newfound Capital of Grace. Its holy crusades against what it deemed Evil and Unrighteous resulted in the freedom of millions of slaves and the destruction of dozens of corrupt regimes.

Unbeknownst to both Phigilstrayax and Gustav the Golden, the corpse of a great Outer God sits below the city. It is said that deep within its Dreadrotted bowels, sits the only mortal-gateway to the Elden Precipice.

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