Pale Saucers of Rogmathia

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The Pale Saucers of Rogmathia, known more simply as the Pale Saucers, or the Saucers, and in singular Saucer, are a race of aerial shapeshifting predatory creatures. Who, in their most common form, resemble the “flying saucers” of human myth. These ancient creatures predate the Aesoteric, but have assisted in their endeavors for aeons. Their namesake, Rogmathia, is an arid realm in which the Pale Saucers have supplanted the role of apex predator.

The Pale Saucers are usually around 110 metres in diameter, and 20 meters thick at their widest point. While their name implies that they are a perfect saucer, instead they are an eccentric truncated oval shape. Their skin, akin to pale silver fabric, is impenetrable to any form of attack.


As mentioned above, the Pale Saucers resemble the saucer-shaped “UFOs” of human culture. Hence their namesake, however they are not perfectly circular; being some more akin to a truncated oval. The outer layer of skin, visible to the average viewer, is argent or white in color. Hence the prefix “Pale”. The outer layer of skin also greatly resembles fabric, moving in a similar manner while the creatures locomote.

On the “belly” of the Saucers is a roughly circular orifice, around 48 feet in length. This orifice is the primary feed orifice, and is how the creatures consume edible matter. Pale Saucers use cyclones by an internal organ to siphon living bio-mass into the orifice. Inside the orifice is an esophagus, lined by a series of muscles, lined digestive enzymes, which moves the prey via muscle contractions and digests them in tandem. By the time the prey makes it to the end of the esophagus, all organic matter will be digested and inorganic materials will be expelled.

Each saucer is cyclopean, with a singular eye, resembling an archaic human film-camera, nestled snugly inside the orifice. This eye is surrounded by fleshy ribbons which serve as both intimidation displays in certain contexts and auditory intake organs. The eye itself has a limited view from inside the body, as its only window into the outside environment is the orifice. As such, Pale Saucers depend on other forms of sensory to find and consume prey.


The Pale Saucers are timeless, as ancient as Ja’luhhor’Alotha itself. A living fossil, and the closest look into what ancient luhhorian proto-forms look like. They crawled forth from the cosmic sludge of Rogmathia and called this shattered realm their home.

Their interaction with the Aesoteric was very early on in their history. The two factions forged a pact in their first genuine interaction. In exchange for aerial support, the Pale Saucers would be supplied with sustenance. This pact gave the Aesoteric needed aerial force against their enemies, which ruled the skies in comparison to the Aesoteric.

During the Schism, the forces of Gorramorrathenthax attempted to communicate with the Pale Saucers for air support. Similarly to the ancient Aesoteric. Gorramorrathenthax promised that the Saucers would be given double their foodsupply, in tandem with instruments of decadence in exchange for their support in battle. The Saucers were to arrive during the next battle with the Aesoteric, and ambush the unsuspecting Aesoteric groundtroopers and seize control over the air. Which would ultimately grant Gorramorrathenthax victory.

This battleplan did not come to pass, as the Pale Saucers upheld their pact with the Aesoteric. Instead, they alerted their forces. When the battle did come, the forces of Gorramorrathenthax, expecting aerial superiority, were annihilated by the combined forces of the Aesoteric and Pale Saucers. When the Schism concluded, the contract with the Saucers was modified. Instead, they would be supplied more sustenance and instruments of decadence in exchange for nothing, as a reward and gift for their loyalty.

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