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The Nyhethoryn are a eusocial carnivorous species organized into a unique caste system. The Nyhethoryn are vicious predatory species who seemingly lack any higher goal, excluding the survival of their kind. Indeed, these creatures appear to be feral and unintelligent, animalistic and bestial; despite this, their martial tactics appear coordinated and calculated, which suggests a higher intelligence. Nyhethoryn organisms consume the brains of other lifeforms to absorb their thoughts, their minds, their souls. The Nyhethoryn are known for their unique methods of communication, menacing appearance, and esoteric biology.

The Nyhethoryn are hostile to all forms of life, maiming any and all non-Nyhethoryn biological lifeforms. Despite their hostility towards non-Nyhethoryn life, they seem to disregard the existence and potential danger of synthetic organisms such as golems or androids. Which may suggest that they are incapable of detecting them as living entities capable of inflicting harm. In addition, Nyhethoryn hives are known to infest any environment capable of harboring them, regardless of its actual habitation to other lifeforms; which results in the infestation of spaces such as macroexhaust ducts and abandoned structures. They are reviled by most societies for their esoteric appearance, unyielding hostility, and the danger they pose to weaker lifeforms.

They are not hated by all, however, as various societies and cultures have been known to maintain neutrality towards the Nyhethoryn; or even respect or veneration towards them.


Despite their eusocial nature, Nyhethoryn organisms have a frequent tendency to act independently as solitary predators; who have unique behaviors based on what their environment requires. Nyhethoryn are also known to collect into “Hives” (also referred to as Nests, Colonies, etc,.) in which the Nyhethoryn organisms adopt a strict chain of command and participate in a caste system in which each caste is phenotypically unique.


Nyhethoryn entities differ in appearance based on their caste, which is decided at birth. However, definitive traits are present in every caste without exception. These traits being:

  • Head/Skull/Cranium consisting of a bulbous mass of eyes and bones.
  • 6-14 appendages.

The majority of Nyhethoryn castes are clad in a craggy carapace, which is akin to biomechanical tubing and machinery; pockmarks in this armor give the Nyhethoryn the ability to respirate. This exoskeleton protects the organisms from most forms of damage, although it is still vulnerable to occult forms of assailment. Nyhethoryn carapace is usually pigmented muted bronze, black, or blue, and is also incredibly resistant to chemical weaponry: including the acidic haemolymph in Nyhethoryn circulatory systems.

All Nyhethoryn heads consist of an osseous cage-like structure which encompasses a lumpy, bulbous head pockmarked with eyes and other visual organs. Some Nyhethoryn organisms may have a mane of tentacles or urticating setae, however this may vary from individual to individual. It may be possible that urticating tentacle growth of the neck or cranium of a Nyhethoryn organism is indicative of its age.

The Nyhethoryns’ primary weapon is their segmented inner proboscis, which is capable of shooting from their primary orifice at high speeds like a piston. Indeed, this proboscis is capable of being launched at high enough speeds to smash through bone, rock, and steel. Which is a testament to its strength. Nyhethoryn use their proboscis to consume the brains of their victims, and their primary method of killing is quickly thrusting the proboscis into the cranium of their prey, siphoning their neural tissue. This attack is known colloquially as a “Brainsuck”.

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