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One of the many nightmarish hallways in Necorox.
Exterior of Necorox/

Necorox, also known as the Necrofoundry, is a massive refinement facility which processes the souls of those slain by the Aesoteric into Stygium. It was built in by the combined efforts of the Aesoteric and the Dredge, designed to produce a continuous flow of Stygium. Constructed of stone and black steel on a foundation of uncounted corpses, the sprawling fortress funnels a constant stream of victims towards Nydos, the Serpent. This ancient creature is an exotic breed, unable to communicate or move without great difficulty. It exists as an overseer of sorts, awaiting as cages packed with the recently-slain are brought before it on profane gantries, determining which souls are candidates for the process.

It can be accessed via a great triple-set of tripartite skeletal gates, each opening in quick and elegant succession upon the stimulation of a fleshy pale knob. Be wary however, as the gates to Necorox are heavily guarded and it is not intended to be a location easily accessed. If one is already located in a place dominated by the Aesoteric, then it may be possible to enter Necorox via redundant entrance.

Operating alike a planetary slaughterhouse, Necorox is divided into many sections and districts. Each designed for a different task: Torment the souls, Import them from great docks, Export them to Nydos, and finally transform them into pure Stygia. The most immediately accessible portions of Necorox are the Souldocks, osseous platforms outstretched over a sea of magmatic sludge. Here, the souls are imported from myriad battlegrounds to participate in the horrendous torment.

In the inner chambers beyond Nydas, the souls worthy of refinement are directed deeper into Necorox, and into the skeletal ignition chambers and refineries that create the vital Stygia. Unworthy souls on the other hand, are sent to myriad locations across Ja’luhhor’Alotha. Necorox not only functions as a massive Stygia refinery, but also a medium to move souls to an appropriate destination.

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