Morgar, Lord of Blood

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– Morgar, Accursed Priest of G’haak.

Morgar, Lord of Blood, known by his followers as the Luminary, is the supreme king-god of the Morbwyn Dynasty. Holder of the Greatrune of Blood, and coveted follower of the Bloodgod of G’haak. An Illborn, Morgar was shunned for his accursed haemoglobin and was forced into exile at birth. His bestial deformities also resulted in great difficultly finding a place in society. He miched in the dark tunnels of Phantaheim avoiding capture for decades. Morgar would exploit the garboils of Phantaheim’s sewers to eke life from the dead labyrinths, and his scavenging mischief would result in Morgar encountering the cantankerous Bloodgod, G’haak. Indeed, thou would find that his Illborn status was a great boon. As his gaping wounds erupted in maroon flame, a new plan brewed within thee.

Morgar embraced his dark taintblood, using the haemoteachings of the Bloodgod, he would learn to set his blood alight; creating powerful Bloodflame magic. Morgar would from thereon identify himself as the Lord of Blood. He resides in the Morbwyn Palace, where he expands his dynasty from his throne of bloodflame.


Born of Golden Royalty, Morgar was born along with his twin to the first wife of Gustav the Golden. However, thee was born with bestial traits and deformities. Known now to be an Illborn scum, Morgar was shunned by both of his parents. His sentence, however, was lightened in the wake of his royal blood. He was banished to the Capital Outskirts, intact but disgruntled.

His Illborn status made him the target of many a hunter and almost any humanoid lifeform. As such, poor Morgar was forced to eke an existence from skulking within the dark ghettos of the most decrepit of societies. Following the Illborn-Purge, Morgar was pursued by the Curation Movement back into the Capital of Grace. Where he would be once again forced to hide his unique phenotype. Morgar found refuge in the noxious sewers below Phantaheim, so close to the Outer Corpse-God that its stench saturated the fecal masonry.

Deep within the sewers of Phantaheim, a subterranean cathedral of blood conducts its dark rituals. In honor of the Bloodgod G’haak, dozens of Illborn, Kindred, and other rejected no-lifes amassed to chant blood incantations. On a faithless sunless day, Morgar would find this church. Desperate for shelter and food, thou begged to be let into the bloodchurch.

“Thy generous pastor, I beg thee,” Morgar groveled for any source of nourishment, pathetic really, “Grant me shelter and food and I shall pledge myself to thee.”

Morgar was willing to pledge is life to the Church; a reliable source of survival was worth anything to him.

“Thy must prove to be of worth to the Bloodgod,” It chittered, the insectoid Kindred clanged its jaws together, “Prove thyself worthy of audience and I shall grant thee passage.” It lifted its spear, and banged it against the slick masonry, “Do not return until thine task is complete!”.

Morgar was ordered to prove himself a proper inductee of the Church. His task, to spill the blood of his kind, was to be fulfilled in two moons. Morgar did not have to trek far to find an Illborn of his kind. Morgar at first demonstrated himself as cordial, however this was faux. He quickly unsheathed a dagger and plunged it into the neck of the poor Illborn. Hunger and desperation had led to the death of his kin, an appalling fate for a man of the royal line.

Thou returned to warm embrace, the church welcomed Morgar into their decrepit domain as kin. While he gained weight and rested his ailed mind, Morgar became accustomed to the haemoincantations that the church considered sacred and renowned. Spilt blood saturated the adorned silk robes of the fledgling inductee of blood, his place in the church however, was yet to be discovered.

To be fully inducted into the Church of G’haak, the Illborn royal was forced to inhale the sanguine fumes of the bloodrose. Which would result in vivid hallucination and ultimately, the Bloodgod’s choice as to what role the inductee shall play.

Morgar would never arrive to the ritual. Hours before, his blood would be spilled; and it would catch magnificent flame. This would be the start of Morgar’s direct contact with the Bloodgod; no bureaucracy, G’haak had chosen his patron-lord. The illborn blood he was cursed for having, reviled for, was the one thing the Bloodgod craved.

Morgar abandoned the Church, taking with him followers loyal, and established the Morbwyn dynasty. Morgar retreated into the Lands Beneath to establish his dynasty. Now, as he constructs his city-cathedral of Morbwyn Palace, he awaits the day that the world is bathed in blood. There will be bloodshed!

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