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The Mi-Go are a highly advanced eusocial species currently residing in the city of R’yleh. Originally native to a long-fallen realm, it was siphoned into the Umbra because of the actions of a greedy federation of realms fearful of the Mi-Go. The Mi-go now sundered into two species, the original purebreeds that retreated to R’yleh, and the Great Race of Yith, which inhabits Yuggoth of the Umbra. The Mi-go are an ingenious race capable of many feats of technological marvel. Aside from their unique appearance, the Mi-go are most known for their code of honor. Indeed, they will always do the right thing regardless of circumstance.


“pinkish things about five feet long; with crustaceous bodies bearing vast pairs of dorsal fins or membraneous wings and several sets of articulated limbs, and with a sort of convoluted ellipsoid, covered with multitudes of very short antennae, where a head would ordinarily be.”

Due to their alien composition, the Mi-go do not appear in photography, since the matter they are made of reflects light differently, and they can’t consume standard forms of sustenance. When they die, their bodies dissolve within a few hours. In terms of their biology, they are described as being most like fungi, although their outward appearance is much like that of a crustacean. Interestingly, they are capable of going into suspended animation until softened and reheated by the sun or some other source of heat.

They typically communicate by changing the color of their heads, however they are oftentimes able to speak the human language. If not, they can modify their bodies to make them able to speak. However there will always be a buzzy sound when they speak. Additionally, they are also capable of telepathy.

The Mi-go are fundamentally alien with respect to Earthly life; according to two reports in the original short story, their bodies consist of a form of matter that does not occur naturally.


The Mi-go are a sophisticated race that follow a rather developed and elaborate code of honor. Which, in summary, pertains to always doing what is right for the world and those who inhabit it. As such, misdeeds are not tolerated in Mi-go society, and actions usually seen as “evil”, are almost always considered taboo.

Mi-go inhabit large hives, in which they rest and feast and commune. They feed on cosmic aether flows which bleed from large pores of the World-Serpent.

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