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Mechapodia are the enormous assortment of mechanical tentacles and arms used by the organisms of the Aesoteric Empire. A Mechapodia is used for micro-construction and repair, maintenance tasks, scientific research and even defensive firepower. Most Mechapodia contain a number of tools, devices or weapons that are intended to serve the specific functions required by their use. A Mechapodia is connected to the spine and nervous system via metallic hyphae, which allow each Mechapodia to be used identically to a biologically limb.

Most Mechapodia are constructed from various metallic alloys and have innumerable motors and actuators encased within their structures. A set of Mechapodia are normally much longer than an average organism’s natural limbs and possess multiple segmented joints to allow maximum reach and flexibility, giving them the appearance of serpentine tentacles or multi-jointed robotic limbs.

Another cheaper variant of Mechapodia is made of a nanobionic gel, and can move amorphously. Similar in nature to the pseudopods of certain microorganisms; it is significantly more versatile than specialized Mechapodia. But it lacks a true proficiency over the many actions it is capable of.

Mechapodia Types

Mechapodia are separated into many different types, from the amorphous mechanopseuodpods, to the long multi-segmented, and tendril-like.

Ballistic Mechapodia

The Ballistic Mechapodia resembles a long mechanical limb, around two meters in length. It ends in a simple and easily reloadable slag or plasma gun. It is often connected via a large cuboidal base to the shoulder. This base is where the components required to operate the limb are usually held.

Exploration Mechapodia

The exploration Mechapodia is a simple tendril ending in a mass of cameras, sub-chelae, microdrills, microscopes, scanners, and myriad other gizmos. All of which are designed to explore smaller spaces, take samples, and do research where another biological organism or Zooid could not.

Amorphous Mechapodia

The Amorphous Mechapodia is made up of a transluscent nanobionic gel which can manipulate its shape and hardness up to a certain limit. These alien mechapodia are cheap to make, taking only a few base components, and easily to use in daily life. Their amorphous nature enables them to be versatile, although their mimickry of other appendages and objects is usually very limited.

Their enhanced flexibility, gelatinous nature, and ease of use make them a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Grasper Mechapodia

Object Manipulation and Relocation Appendages, known non-corporately as Grasper Mechapodia, are defined as everything from steel greatclaws to extra mechanical hands. They can be used for combat, industrial usage, or simply for the convenience of extra grasping appendages.

Medication Mechapodia

The Medication Mechapodia is a simple dexterous tendril-like Mechapodia ending in a variety of fascinating needles, blades, and other medical devices. It can be used for both healing or brutal torture depending on the intent of the organism using it.

This Mechapodia is most useful on the frontlines, where the most frequent gift of war — macabre fleshwounds — is donated aplenty to the bloodlusting soldiers of the Aesoteric Empire. This Mechapodia may contain storage chambers for drugs, pathogen and hemosamples, and tranquilizers.

Optical Mechapodia

The highly flexible, camera-studded Optical Mechapodia is designed to assist in ocular in-take of all kinds. This Mechapodia can extend to a length of three meters, and reduce its width to pencil thickness. The optical feed allows the user to examine surfaces at both a telescopic, microscopic, and macroscopic level. It also has a multi-purpose light orb which can glow any color the user desires.

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