Jagdpanzer 38

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A Jagdpanzer 38 in combat during an Aesoteric training exercise. The intent of this exercise was to introduce the Aesoteric military to greener environments and interaction and cooperation with human comrades. While usually a black or blue color, this Jagdpanzer 38 was camouflaged to match its environment.

The Jagdpanzer 38 is an Aesoteric light tank-destroyer which mimics a previous model of tank-destroyer known to be employed by rebel forces during the Schism. During the Schism, Aesoteric forces created a variety of vehicles by mounting anti-tank guns on the chassis of obsolete tanks. These machines performed even better than expected, yet were still vulnerable due to high vehicle profiles and open-topped turrets. Rebel bombings took a heavy toll on production facilities, and further increased the need for an easily produced yet effective light tank destroyer to replace heavier vehicles which were more costly to produce. Prototypes of the Jagdpanzer 38 were ready for war soon after their conception and they began use towards the middle of the Schism.

The Jagdpanzer 38 is covered entirely with sloped armor, and possessed a compact form and low silhouette, giving it much improved defensive ability over other self-propelled guns. Armament consisted of a 7.5 cm Pak 39 L/48 gun and a remote-controlled MG 34. It featured a wide body to accommodate the four-man crew, as well as strengthened lower hull with enlarged wheels, guide rollers and tracks.


The Jagdpanzer 38 is a light tank destroyer commonly nestled in more hidden locations, where it uses its heavy high-velocity ammunition to rain hell upon opponents. Despite its relatively low turn radius and struggle to maintain operation in close-range combat. The Jagdpanzer 38 is used extensively among Aesoteric forces, and multiple variants were mass-produced by various military tendrils.


  • Befehlswagen 38 – Command variant. Fitted with a 30W FuG 8 radio set.
  • Flammpanzer 38Jagdpanzer 38 modified with a flamethrower in place of the main gun. It was most notably deployed against Vigilance forces during the invasion of their rebel capital. Only 100 of these units were produced.
  • Jagdpanzer 38 Starr – A simplified version of the Jagdpanzer 38, which attached a 7.5cm Pak 39 gun to the chassis, fitted with a Tatra diesel engine. 10 were built, 9 converted back to normal Jagdpanzer 38. The remaining prototype was incinerated and considered a profane object for unknown reasons.
  • Holy-Shittus – An enormous version of the Jagdpanzer 38, around double its size. The vehicle is usually placed in one location on the battlefield where it uses its colossal munitions to provide both cover and heavy defense/offense during the battle.

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