Jade Goliath

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Jade Goliaths are constructs of jade. They were originally created by the Dredge to assist in labor, but now are commonly used by the Aesoteric as workers or draught beasts. Jade Goliaths are massive, with a height of 20.9m (68.57ft), and a width of 30.7m (100.7ft). These creatures are also extremely heavy, weighing around 223000 kilograms (492,000lbs). The tusks on their lower mandibles, which are around 3.0m (9.84ft) in length, are used for excavating minerals, or attacking foes in a pinch. Jade Goliaths were used extensively during times in which guerilla warfare was necessary, such as the War of the Vigil and the Schism.

They are most extensively used in mines and construction sites, where their tusks and sheer bulk can excavate minerals or demolish small landscapes and structures for new buildings. During the Schism and the War of the Vigil, Jade Goliaths were used extensively as heavy duty units, in place of conventional ground vehicles.

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