Ice Lightning

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Ice Lighting is a variant of lightning magic, used by lifeforms who have never seen a sky. In the absent of stormclouds, the inhabitants of the Lands Beneath were forced to create a new form of offensive magicks. Ice Lightning, a mimicry of the natural fulgur magicks, was the result of combining artificial shockflame with the frosty magic pioneered by the Albortrassian Frostmonks. Ice Lightning’s use was pioneered by Phisi, Warrior, who attempted to mimic the lightning magics used by N’nosk the Fell.

In battle, Ice Lightning is rather fearsome, the wounds it leaves behind freeze flesh and spread throughout the body. However, its use is minuscule in comparison to magmatic and electrical magicks. Its most fearsome user is Phisi, Warrior. Who attempted to mimic the powerful red lightning used by N’nosk the Fell, and ultimately create a superior variant of it.

It is said that Phisi of the Tundra gained his prowess in Ice Lightning sorcery by fighting an ancient dragonkin wizard, who was bested in battle and promised to enlighten Phisi about the secrets of ancient Ice Lightning. From this wizard, Phisi was also given his sword.

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