Rules & General Miscellaneous Policy is enforced by a system of rules that must be followed. Punishments vary based on the intensity of the infringement, discretion of staff, and previous events correlating to your reputation.

Section I: General Rules

Key Terms:

  • High Offense – An infringement of policy that is considered especially severe. While the majority of what is deemed a High Offense depends on the context of the person infringing, some rules are guaranteed to be considered High Offenses when broken.
  • Inferior Deed – An infringement of Rule I.
  • Malspeech – Synonymous with libel, slander, racism, etc,.

  • Racism, Libel, Slander, Sexism, and other crude and Inferior Deeds are not tolerated. While the discussion of these topics in a mature and formal manner is tolerated, albeit frowned upon, we do prohibit our community members from dabbling in Inferior Deeds. While punishments will depend on administrator discretion, they will likely be severe. The spewing of noxious blobswabble such as slander, unjust toxicity, libel, and ad-hominem attacks is not tolerated.
  • Ad-Hominem attacks and general incivility will be met with repercussion. We recognize a difference between debates meant to win/lose and open, amicable, dialectical discussions. We do not permit bigotry and harassment towards anyone, whether correlating to this site or not, on any basis. Do not harass, bully, threaten to dox or partake in other malspeech.
  • Superiors should be treated with respect. In the context of punishments, warnings, and demands, administrators should be respected. If they tell you to do something, do it. If you believe their demands, warnings, or penance is corrupt or unjust, report it to another administrator and they will follow the appropriate steps to extirpate the problem.
  • The posting of informational hazards, such as existential crises, lewd/pornographic content, disturbing/gross-out content, and other such images/texts is absolutely prohibited. This is considered a High Offense and is severely punishable. Even in the context of writing, lewd imagery, disturbing gross-out content (aside from art and other descriptions under the spirit of this rule), and racist symbols such as Swastikas is prohibited. (While the Swastika itself predates Nazi memorabilia, it is heavily associated with the group.)
  • The spirit of the rules should be followed. The spirit of the rules should be followed. Use common-sense to enforce rules and report articles/people. If following the rules by the letter creates a negative experience, punishments may be distributed based upon previous context and administrator discretion.

Staff Rules

  • Penance should be delivered based on justice, not personal grudges, biases, or other motives. Punishments should not be dampened or increased in harshness because you like/hate the one being punished. Justice should be maintained at all times. This is considered a High Offense and has serious consequences.
  • Hypocrisy is not tolerated. Hypocrisy correlating to double-standards, especially in the context of punishments, is considered a High Offense.
  • Corruption is not tolerated. Corruption correlating to staff elections, punishments to rule-breakers, and other duties of the administrators is considered a High Offense.
  • Administrators are not superior to other members in any way aside from authority during situations that involve the infringing of previously mentioned rules and policies or other scenarios depending on context. Administrators do not hold priority over other members with exceptions. Administrators do not hold priority over the submission of articles. Administrators do not hold priority over event submissions if they decide to submit. Administrators should not make their superiority complexes evident if they develop one.

Section II: Writing Guidelines

There are no content warnings on this site, by signing up and reading this page, you agree to potentially exposing yourself to offensive or crude topics such as gore, sexual topics, and racism in written, fictitious form. Pages containing topics such as racism, gore, sexual topics, and violence are entirely fictitious and set in-lore, and therefore do not represent any real-world examples of these topics. There are no examples of gory or disturbing imagery unless it is discernibly fake or art. No warnings are present on articles, and if you find something that makes you uncomfortable, and does not violate any of our guidelines, we cannot help you. Topics such as fascism, sexism, and racism, especially in the context of fascist/racist/sexist polities or characters, are completely tolerated. If you find an article which you believe is truly fascist/racist/sexist, please report it to a staff member. We are willing to defend any writer who creates articles or narratives involving these topics regardless of YOUR external opinion on them.

  • All articles should be written as if they are a book or document in one of the realms. Meaning that, if an article could not be feasibly published as a book or document, it should be rewritten. Exceptions include written stories and meta-pages such as this one.
  • All articles should be accurate to the lore. While minor issues are tolerable and can easily be fixed, especially under the context that the article may or may not be a document in-lore. Worldshattering articles are not accepted. For example, an article about talking Caracals could Floppas who live in Googas labs. This makes little sense to the lore as it not only isn’t connected to anything, but also contrasting to the more grounded tone of our writing (even if the topics are fantastical). If you are questioning whether your article is lore-defying, ask a fellow writer.
  • Articles should take themselves seriously. Articles that exist only to be a joke, to mock other articles, or just to cause cheap laughs outside the 4th wall are prohibited. While jokes and quips are allowed in articles, their topic should not be directly correlating to it. Articles correlating to jokes, or humorous facts are allowed as long as they correlate to lore in a manner that does not break the fourth wall.
  • Articles should be appropriately formatted. Headings are not used in writing, instead normal words are just placed in bold. Italic font should be used when first introducing the name of the article’s topic, and paragraphs should be longer than two sentences by at least 1 sentence.
  • Articles should use appropriate grammar/language. Other languages aside from English are not tolerated on this site, sadly, we cannot support different articles in different languages. If used for narrative purposes, conlangs can be used to write articles. Rules of grammar should be used at all times. Smaller errors made by writers are not to be punished, but rather corrected. (Such as infrequent spelling errors and run-on sentences.)
  • Hate-Speech is not tolerated. Use of pejoratives is not tolerated. While writers are allowed to make characters and other factions/polities who follow somewhat offensive practices (see below), these acts of hate-speech should not be unironically posted on articles. The creation and use of fictitious pejoratives, used for in-lore species and ethnicity, is tolerated. Such pejoratives titled with names such as “Brigger”, “Gaggot”, etc, are absolutely prohibited. As Judaism is not an existing religion in lore, antisemitism is not tolerated among other reasons.