Lore Bible

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Writing is a site dedicated to collaborative writing and worldbuilding, among other things related to the topic. If you want to begin writing, you can contact and we will get you started. Below, is a basic run-down on varied lore-related content which will formulate a basis for your future content, which is referred to as the “Lore Bible”. By all means do we recommend you continue to branch out and read and create content on more obscure characters, locations, species, and polities.


Realms are in essence, the different settings of By far the most developed is Ja’luhhor’Alotha, which is (as of 11/21/2022) the realm in which every article is currently written in. More realms are to come and exist in lore yet to be added, and if you want to be the first to write an article in any one of these exotic locations they are listed below.

All realms are tethered together through some sort of unknowable entity, known as Naga’thath, the World-Serpent. She exists in another form of existence entirely, and is its scaly length is traversible to physically walk to other realms if you manage to access her somehow. Realms may have sub-realms, which can be very similar to or identical to the main realm. Some realms don’t even have a “main realm” and consist of closely packed sub-realms. Each realm may be correlated to a different type of genre or theme, such as how Ja’luhhor’Alotha is generally connect with genres such as science fantasy. New realms can only be added through a vote.


Nordenheim is a cluster of sub-realms heavily inspired by norse mythology and entwined together via Yggdrasil, the world tree. The most powerful sub-realm in Nordenheim Asgard, and its ruling group are the Æsir (Aesir), led by Odin. Sub-Realms are listed below. While powerful, they are not capable of communicating with other realms or using the World-Serpent’s back to travel to other realms.


Home of Nordenheim’s ruling faction. It’s proper details have yet to be added by writers.


Something like Earth but far more snowy, with norse creatures. Nothing as been written yet.


No descriptions yet, but its the afterlife for the dead mortals. (In Nordenheim)


No descriptions yet, but its the afterlife for the dead Æsir.


The first realm to be conceived on this site, its the largest with the most known knowledge about it. The realm itself is alive, a living being protected by its personified immune system known as the Arbiter. Originally inhabited by ancient synthetic beings known as the Protoforms, Ja’luhhor’Alotha wiped them out and let their matter create the Great Old Ones. Who were extirpated by the Arbiter leading to blank writing limbo until finally reaching “modern” day.

The realm consists of a central region known as the “Great Chasm”, a vast underground hallow with a star boiling within. Physics defying maneuvers aside, the Great Chasm has multiple doorways and cave systems leading directly to Ja’luhhor’Alotha’s other areas and sub-realms. There are also networks of tunnels and structures which are not apart of any of Ja’luhhor’Alotha’s sub-realms, but connect to all. It is dominated by the totalitarian hivemind-esque empire known as the “Aesoteric”, which is led by the powerful Scorned King. Ja’luhhor’Alotha is heavily inspired by Scorn (even using images from the game), the Alien franchise, District-9 and more.

The Draft

The first “draft” of the universe, its origins are completely unknown but it is the oldest of the realms. Now abandoned by the universe itself, the Draft rots and decays as it grows completely out of control. Echoes of the place are still found today, and it may even swallow unlucky victims into it. It was the second realm to ever be covered on this wiki.

The Umbra

A call-back to the old lore, it consists of the shattered remnants of the dying megastructure known as the “Prime Material Plane”. Which was the previous worldbuilding project on this site which had its lore reset into what we have today! As it is the last of its universe, it consists of ruined wreckage, scrap metal wastes, and failing bio-domes.. and the decaying remains of a once grand polity known as the Empire.

It is also where the subjects of articles that are deleted are siphoned to canonically.


Species are self-explanatory. They are every living being covered by the website. Below, sapient species will be listed as to give writers a start on good character, group, or polity writing.

  • Koringkriek – Native to Ja’luhhor’Alotha, they are in essence anthropomorphic versions of Acanthoplus discoidalis. Their culture is inspired by the ancient Mongols.
  • Bentharians – AKA Benthars or Prawns. They are native to Ja’luhhor’Alotha and resemble giant isopods. They pilot relatively large bio-tech mechs. They believe in a religion known as Bejetism, in which they eat the corpses of their enemies and allies to absorb their virtues and dissolve their sins in honor of the Bejet.
  • Aesoteric Warcastes – Varied bio-modified monstrosities employed by the Scorned King to rule and enforce the Aesoteric empire.
  • Humans & Others – Humans are self-explanatory, along with their sub-species and close relatives. No articles have been written on them.
  • Æsir – Powerful ruling species of Nordenheim. They inhabit Asgard usually.
  • There are multiple other species, but this should give you a starting point to start writing. Eventually, or even right now, you can branch out and look at more.