Giant Snail

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The Giant Snail is a domesticated species of animals with the scientific name of Achatina Cepescens. These long, slimy creatures make both effective mounts and farm animals. The snail is raised on farms and consumed as a delicacy when they reach certain sizes. The giant snail, in some parts of the world, is a source of food for Aesoteric. They are also used to make dyes and as a fodder for fish farms. The snails are known for their changing pigment, which is a blue-gray color when they are young and a deep brown when they reach maturity. The giant snails can weigh as much as 500 pounds of weight, and are farmed at around 6.156246 pounds of weight. There are no confirmed records of the giant snail ever being hunted or eaten by Aesoteric in its wild form.

Larger individuals (5 meters and beyond in size), are slaughtered for snail filets, while smaller individuals are boiled or smoked in their entirety.

Their undomesticated variant, is long extinct.


Achatina cepescens are giant snails. Their protective shells are completely spherical, resembling carved stone. Their shells are usually argent or aurous in color. The bare flesh of Achatina cepescens varies in color depending on age, younger Achatina cepescens specimen are a blue-gray color, and older specimen are a deep brown. In dark environments, cepescens specimen are bio-luminescent. Their luminescence matches the color of their shells. These snails have craggy outgrowths around their necks and heads.


Achatina cepescens are generalist feeders, consuming both flora and fauna. They have also been observed eating rocks, eggshells, metal, and even magma. In captivity, they are fed minerals and herbs to fatten them up for consumption when domesticated as farm animals, and when domesticated for companionship or as mounts, they are fed what their owners please.

There have been multiple reports of Achatina cepescens practicing cannibalism against smaller or weaker individuals. Achatina cepescens only appear to cannibalize specimen of the same gender.

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