Genesis Fields

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The Genesis Pits are a putrid plane of squelching holes, from which multiple beings are born. A great barren flatland of bone, the Genesis Fields froth onward for thousands of miles. Thousands of sarcous, uterine pits bear birthing pods like fruit; coating the hideous walls and floors of the divots. They are operated and managed by the Crater Council, who oversee the Genesis Fields with assistance from deformed caretakers. The Kriechen were born in the Genesis Fields, however a catastrophic meltdown of the Reproduction Inhibitors caused them to breed out of control and infest the entirety of Ja’luhhor’Alotha.

The Fields of Life

Tryophobes beware! The Genesis Fields are a festering plane of tightly-packed holes, each around a mile in depth. While the holes themselves are extremely diverse in size and shape, the ground around them is uniformly flat — consisting of pulverized and ossified corpses. Like a low-hanging fruit, bulbous birthing pods dangle and sag from the walls and floors of the pits. When the birthing pods hatch, great arachnoid fleshmachines siphon the newborns into their storage sacks to be transported across Ja’luhhor’Alotha.

The birthing sacks, ever fertile, continue to hatch newborns and rebegin their development, renewing an endless cycle of birth. That is, until the thousands of pods in every pit produce too many creatures for the arachnoid machines to harvest. To solve this problem, great stone silos of castrating material dampen the amount newborns a birthing pod can produce in a week. A malfunction of these inhibitors may cause a catastrophic overbreeding event, in which the Genesis Pits overbreed until there are too many organisms to feed. This exact event occured when the Kriechen, originally livestock, overbred after a catastrophic failure of the silos. Which caused massive herds of the beasts to escape across Ja’luhhor’Alotha.

The Kriechen

One of the many beings born from the plump birthing pods located in the tryophobic bonepits were the Kriechen. They were born at astonishingly fast speeds, dozens birthed per day. A large amount of Ja’luhhor’Alothian infrastructure depending on their bodies for power and food. As the creatures were uniformly slaughtered, the processes became more and more efficient.

Eventually however, deliberate sabotage led to the Reproduction Inhibitors of the Kriechen Birthing Pods suffering a critical malfunction. Which allowed the Kriechen to overbreed and escape their relative captivity. While they are still farmed today, they are too a far lesser extent as the creatures have escaped across Ja’luhhor’Alotha as pests.

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