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A doorway guarded by a clearance level two Fleshguard.
A clearance level one Key in the hands of a Homo Sapiens

Fleshguards are biomechanical devices attached to doors and gateways around Ja’luhhor’Alotha. Each has a different clearance level, which is displayed by the number of bulbs glowing on the Fleshguard’s “screen”. It can be unlocked via a sarcous device (also known as a “Key”) with corresponding clearance that “wirelessly” interacts with the Fleshguard, stimulating it to open the door it protects. Fleshguards are one of the most common forms of security around Ja’luhhor’Alotha, and are extremely effective due to the difficulty of increasing the clearance of the individual’s Key.

There are up to six clearance levels for the average Fleshguard, although there may be many less or many more. The average Fleshguard has a maximum of level six clearance, while custom-made Fleshguards can have far higher clearance, which are dependent on custom-made Keys to unlock. The clearance of any Fleshguard can be increased or decreased manually using the Key of the individual who first installed it.

There is a less common variant of the Fleshguard used in exclusively royal context, which is far more powerful and requires a special Key to open. Which is known as a Praetor Lock.

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