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Feukuh in a biodiversity reserve.

Feukuh are a mammalian species of domestic livestock commonly found in more rural regions of Ja’luhhor’Alotha, where fleshfactories and other suppliers of nutrients are unavailable or too inefficient. Feukuh are farmed for their milk, meat, hide, fur, and eggs. The diverse amount of products the Feukuh can produce give it the capability to serve as a versatile farm animal, when coupled with its environment resistance and hardiness. Semi-aquatic in origin, Feukuh herds require bodies of water in their habitats.

While their size and capabilities appear to be on the contrary, the Feukuh are actually large rodents; specifically cavy rodents. In the wild, they inhabit swamplands, savannas, and will always live near bodies of water. In captivity, corrals with water bodies of appropriate size, and grass for the organisms to munch on will suffice.

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