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An Engrafter

Engrafters are exotic devices that hastily, and painfully, surgically implant myriad implants into a grasping appendage forced into the phallic tube projecting from the contraption. These implants serve multiple different purposes, usually dependent on the location of the Engrafter and the appendage itself. The most commonly implanted of these contraptions is the Operation Extensionspike, as it is used in almost every Aesoteric console.

Engrafters are only found in developed Aesoteric territory, and are rare in less developed regions of Ja’luhhor’Alotha. Because of this, the majority of the technology in these regions is far more primitive than that of more developed locations.


The Engrafter is an ancient Aesoteric technology, in fact just as ancient as the biological architecture that permeates Aesoteric territory. As the machines it supplies are vital for the function of Aesoteric machinery, the Engrafter is a key component in Aesoteric technology and architecture as a whole.

During the Schism, thousands of Engrafters around Ja’luhhor’Alotha were locked beyond Fleshguards to prevent Gorramorrathenthax’s forces from operating Aesoteric machinery.

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