Emperor Scorpion

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Distorted drawing of an Emperor Scorpion.

The Emperor Scorpion is a large species of scorpion. Native to Ja’luhhor’Alotha, escapees from the pet and mount trade have populated most other realms. Strictly terrestrial, the Emperor Scorpion is an outlier compared to its other eurypterid brethren.


The Emperor Scorpion is by all accounts, just a large scorpion. Around the length of a horse, Emperor Scorpions use the raw power located in their pincers to grab prey and hold them in place. Emperor Scorpions use their stingers as a last resort, and will only inject venom into prey that resists their attempts slashing and tearing with their chelae.

Emperor Scorpions are quite large, and do not have any support from an aquatic or aerial environment. As such, these creatures would not be able to survive without internal systems similar to that of a mammalian organism. For, Emperor Scorpions have both internal respiratory, circulatory, and skeletal systems. Which is an anomaly for arthropoid organisms.

The nervous systems of Emperor Scorpions are also quite enigmatic, being great deals more complex than their cousins. Emperor Scorpions are capable of creating bonds, partaking in semi-complex tasks, and even following orders. As such, a sprawling trade of Emperor Scorpions, specifically as companions and mounts, exists in black markets. Emperor Scorpions are slow to mature and give live birth, and as such their price is quite high on the black market. Owning a domesticated Emperor Scorpion companion or mount is often a symbol of status.

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