Elden Precipice

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The Elden Precipice is the eldritch plane in which the Halo of the Outer Will is found. Here, the World-Serpent and Azathoth can modify the laws of the omniverse by inserting Greatrunes of Law into the Halo.


The Elden Precipice is located underneath the Golden Capital of Phantaheim. Below which, lies the corpse of an outer being who died long ago to the pestilential Dreadrot. Within its bowels, lies the only mortal-entryway to the Elden Precipice.

The Elden Precipice itself is a great cosmic field, whose watery floor resembles the swirling nebulae of the stars beyond. Lying at the center of the Precipice, lies the Halo of the Outer Will. Within the auric disk, float the Greatrunes of Law which the Umbra and its sister have placed. Here, the two gods can modify the Omniverse to their will, and manipulate all of what is.


The Greatrunes of Law, mighty shards of the concepts of existence, are the most crucial components of the Halo. Each can be plugged into the center of the Rune, at which point their patron-fundament will become law. Each Greatrune is protected by a Greatrune Guardian, bound to a pocket-realm. To gain use the Rune, the Guardians must allow it. Below, the Greatrunes will be listed.

  • Greatrune of Death – A black Greatrune with an angular, jarring shape. Guarded by Resgyjhdzpiuof, the Lichgod. It is currently inserted into the Halo of Outer Will.
  • Greatrune of Suffering – A smaller Greatrune that shatters the mind of mortals. It is the source of all mental anguish and pain. It is guarded by Bloodknight Darrewill.
  • Greatrune of Independence – The Greatrune of Individuality, which prevents all life from being uniform. It is guarded by Gofuku, of the Consciousness.
  • Greatrune of Mind – Allows sapience, thought, and free-will in all lifeforms. It is guarded by the ancient dragon Zeekys.
  • Greatrune of Life – Gently pulsating in the heart of the Halo of the Outer Will, this rotund Greatrune is responsible for all living beings. Without it, decay would rule. It is guarded by the Gaia-Tree Sentinel.
  • Greatrune of Evolution – Guarded by the Mimic, said to copy its foes. This Greatrune is responsible for the orderly process of evolution, the source of all known life.
  • Greatrune of Tectonics – A rumbling Greatrune that is the source of all rocks, lava, and magma. It is guarded by the Slumbering Magmadrake.
  • Greatrune of Utopia – A shattered Greatrune, constricted to shards by the serpentine bulk of the World-Serpent. Its guardian and pocket-realm are gone forever. Its said that the largest of the shards was fashioned into a spear in the image of Naga’thath.

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