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The Dredge (native name Óorog) are an ancient species of unknowable sapient horrors that assisted the Aesoteric in their greatest megastructures and innovations. After centuries of supporting the Aesoteric’s endeavors, the Dredge retreated into their world to reap the rewards of their servitude to the Aesoteric organisms. Before retreating into their homeworld, the Dredge scrubbed most information about themselves from known Ja’luhhor’Alotha. These enigmatic creatures have been described as godlike in the profane Heliax Tomes.


The common name, Dredge, originated from these creatures diets. As they use their wings to “dredge” aeroflora for consumption. The self-proclaimed name of the Dredge, Óorog, translates roughly to “Keepers of Feeling”.


The Dredge have been described as strange chiropteran creatures, with enormous wings stretched between eight carcinized legs and a number of tentacles trailing from their lower body. These wings have contributed to their common name, as in ancient times they have been reported to glide gracefully. Using their wings to collect microscopic aeroflora to feed.

Dredge do not have true biological armor, instead having thick hide that completely protects them from most kinetic and plasma weaponry. Their webbed limbs are armored in chitin, in a similar manner to their head. Which is largely featureless with the exception of a singular cyclopean eye and massive demonic horns. Some Dredge may have two, smaller eyes.

These eyes have the ability to fire ocular beams, and act as the main offensive capability of most Dredge. Although some Dredge may armor themselves and use non-biological melee weaponry.

Apparently, their dermal tissue demonstrates use of countershading; having a tanner or pale colored hide near and on the underbelly, and a darker brown to black hide on other sections of anatomy.


According to the ancient Heliax tomes, the Dredge helped the Aesoteric construct the Necrofoundry, and assisted in creating the chemical formula for transforming souls into stygia. Moreover, the Dredge ingrained themselves in Aesoteric architecture, as imagery of these powerful creatures is common in ceremonial structures.

The Heliax Tomes state that the Dredge originate from an unknown world, directed connected to the Great Chasm, allowing easy access to other lands to pillage. It also tells that the Dredge could manipulate their emotions into raw power and energy, which they used to create their heavenly cities. Eventually, the Dredge came in contact with the Aesoteric and in a “pact unwritten” they allied.

The Dredge promised the Aesoteric assistance with their needs, and in exchange the Aesoteric would exchange their almost unlimited knowledge of Ja’luhhor’Alotha. The Dredge species contributed to the creation of Stygia, the construction of Necorox, and many other systems.

When their pact was fulfilled, they retreated back to their world with their newfound knowledge to inhabit their utopian cities. At this point, the Heliax Tomes were written in slabs of bone. It is said in the Heliax Tomes that the Dredge were waiting to be called by the Aesoteric for help again, possibly suggesting that communications have been maintained between the species.

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