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The Dragons are the direct descendants and patron vassals of Naga’thath, the World-Serpent. They can be seen as the opposite of the Daemons, the patron vassals of Azathoth. Generally speaking, Dragons are more powerful than Daemons and demonstrate far more independence and autonomy. While all Daemons are loyal to Azathoth, the Dragons are given the freedom to follow their own path in life; although almost all dragons are royal to the World-Serpent.

As the patron vassals of the World-Serpent, Dragons share physical characteristics with her. Including stone scales, manipulation of fire, lightning, and earth, and a brilliant twin-pair of golden wings. Indeed, while Daemons are more inclined to be physically powerful with armaments and technology, the Dragons use raw strength and magicks to their advantage in combat and general use.


As the patron vassals of the World-Serpent herself, it can only be assumed that the Dragons descended from the molted scales of the mighty snake-god. These ancient prime-dragons helped the tender World-Serpent care for the primordial worlds upon her back, until they grew self-sufficient.

The Dragons were involved in myriad different major events, either as observers on behalf of the Serpent, or active participants. Allegedly, multiple draconic squadrons assisted the Mi-Go in evacuating their shattered homeland in the times before R’yleh.

In an event known as the Questioning, various intelligent draconic scholars would begin to challenge the belief of unwavering loyalty to the World-Serpent. Resulting in a wide-range of draconic factions splintering away from the World-Serpent and becoming independent political powers. Despite this, these factions remained the minority as loyalty was still unwavering among the masses of Dragons.

These splintered factions ultimately rejected the tenets of the World-Serpent, one of which abstained sexual intercourse and ordered that the newest generation would be produced from Naga’thath’s molted scales. As these rebel Dragons reproduced sexually, their genes would become further diluted. Their pureforms would become strangely twisted in comparison to those of their ancestors. Indeed, the progeny of these rebel-Dragons lost many of the powers of their ancestors.

Despite the ever-increasing autonomy of the Dragons, Naga’thath remained unbothered to the fiasco. Instead, she would found the Draconic Order, the serpentsworn dragons who pledged loyalty to the greatsnake.

In the modern era, the Dragons are moreso an independent species than they are the patron vassals of the World-Serpent; a byproduct of her benevolence. While many Dragons still remain loyal in the Draconic Order, thousands roam independently or side with various splinter-groups and polities. Most interestingly, Dragons not apart of the Draconic Order have been known to reproduce sexually, resulting in diluted spawn that are seemingly lesser variants of their ancestors.

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