Deathhive Lightning

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Deathhive Lightning is a form of lightning magic invented by Nosk the Fell. It is the most dangerous form of lightning magic known, and requires great skill and power to wield effectively. Only Nosk the Fell and the most experienced of his servants are capable of wielding it. Deathhive Lightning has been described visually as yellow and black lightning, which crackles with stygian energy.

Nosk the Fell has been known to cast this form of magick in only the most dire of times, instead resorting to his Red Lightning. Indeed, Nosk the Fell is known to create various weapons, including stakes and scythes, and tridents. In addition, simple bolts of Deathhive Lightning can be used offensively, and it can coat the user and their weaponry to act as protection.

Deathhive Lightning is the most feared weapon in the arsenal of Nosk the Fell, due to its devastating absorb and devour the souls of all it touches; save those with the most powerful of wills. Its mere prescence indicates great strength, and most entities dare not face Nosk the Fell simple because of his aptitude in wielding it.

Deathhive Lightning can meld with accursed Blood Magic, to create Deathhive Lightning coated in Bloodflame, only once has this occurred. During a great conflict in which all of Nosk’s abilities were exhausted.

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