Centurion League

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Centurion League soldier.

The Centurion League is one of the Aesoteric’s military divisions. They were founded by Warlord Arranos during the Arachnoid Wars to act as a highly mobile and skilled group of soldiers. When the Warlord, now known as the Imperator, died he was supplanted by the current Centurion-Khan, Pa-Gonga. Even under new leadership, the Centurion League stays loyal to its roots; its architecture, fighting styles, and even weapons and mounts are reminiscent of the Arachnoids fought long ago. 

Now, the Centurion League is classified as an Elite Guard, among the Royal Praetorians and the Amber Order. Their headquarters are situated in the former home of the Arachnoids. Their patron beast is the Bloodclaw Jumper. 


The Centurion League was founded by Warlord Arranos during the Arachnoid Wars. It consisted of the most skilled Aesoteric soldiers, scientists, and automatons. Along with traitor Arachnoids who joined the side of the Aesoteric. The combined martial and scientific prowess of the Centurion League allowed the paramilitary group to change the tide of the war for the Aesoteric. Originally predicted to end in a white peace or complete loss, the Centurion League contributed greatly to the crushing victory that the Aesoteric ultimately achieved. 

The Centurion League was ratified as an official military division after the end of the wars, and led the counterassault against the Arachnoids in the 7th Unholy Crusade. The Centurion League proved vital in the extermination of the Arachnoid threat. When the Crusade ended the Centurion League was the only Aesoteric faction willing to harbor Arachnoid refugees. These refugees would eventually become members of the League, and even commanding officers. The original battlemounts and draught beasts of the Arachnoid empire were later adopted by the Centurion League in use for their activities. 

The Centurion League would participate in multiple other battles across Aesoteric history under the rule of Arranos, now known as the Imperator. He separated the Centurion League’s command chain into the system known today. His accomplishment for the Centurion League and the Aesoteric as a whole are awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, his legacy was cut short by an assassin of unknown origin, whose goal was to cripple the Aesoteric’s military. With the fall of Arranos, the modern era of the Centurion League began. 

Pa-Gonga, originally the Grand Legatus Legionis of the Centurion League, seized control over the league mere days after the death of the previous Imperator. To mark this new age of leadership, Imperator Pa-Gonga rallied the Centurions to partake in the 1st Centurion Crusade. In which, they made rapid advances against their enemies. While the Crusade did not destroy their enemies, and was largely not successful, it increased the dedication and loyalty of its members. 

In modern day, the Centurion League is a major division under the Elite Guard branch. While it began from humble beginnings, the Centurion League has become a vital member of the Aesoteric’s military might. Unfortunately, the League seems to be a shell of its former self, membership overall is decreasing, and it is being overshadowed by newer Elite Guard divisions. The proud Centurion League may become archaic and defunct in due time. 

Chain of Command

The Centurion League consists of smaller legions, each having 100 soldiers. These legions are known as Centuries and are the building blocks of the League. Each century is led by a Primus Pilus, and the Primus Pilus convene to discuss issues within the League in the Hundred-Year Senate. Above these officers are the Imperator and Grand Legatus Legionis. Both of which have absolute authority, with the exception of the latter which bows to the Imperator. When the Imperator dies or is abdicated, the Grand Legatus Legionis supplants him unless he is challenged to a blood duel. In this event, the winner of the duel becomes the leader. Only Primus Pilus can challenge the Grand Legatus Legionis. 

The Imperator has no genuine power outside of the Centurion League, aside from a seat in the Orotund and the Jakranox. Similarly to other military divisions within the Aesoteric, Associates are organisms affiliated with the League but not truly a part of it. 

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