Bloodhound Knight

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Bloodhound Knight, master unknown.

The Bloodhound Knights are a creed without language. Once esteemed knights of the Traitor-Legion, they were cursed by the World-Serpent to crawl upon their bellies as loyal knights; forced to obey a master. As they lack a language, the Bloodhound Knights magically bind their souls to a master of their choosing, and forever act as their warrior-guardians. Forever under the command of their lord.

As master trackers, Bloodhound Knights are used commonly as scouts and bounty-hunter companions. Their swift acrobatic attacks and imposing size and appearance serves as an intimidation tactic. They are armed with a gently undulating curved greatsword, specifically adapted for their acrobatic fighting style; and a set of three-bladed claws used to inflict hemorrhaging.

Despite their purpose as servant-companions, some Bloodhound Knights remain independent. Skulking the wilds alone, and without master or duty.


The Bloodhound Knights were once esteemed and venerated warriors of the Traitor-Legion. A warband of knights loyal to the Lord of Chains, whose armaments were tinged red to mimic the rusted shackles of the god’s true servants. The legion rampaged throughout the realms of the World-Serpent, using great metal wyrms to soar across the void and to other realms. Eventually, following retaliation, the Traitor-Legion would fall and its greatest knights would fall.

As the knights once cursed their victims, the lord-knights of the Traitor-Legion were cursed. Transformed into beasts, forced to crawl upon their belly with greatsword in hand. The Bloodhound Knights were transformed into nothing more than dogs, forced to obey a master as warrior-servants.


Every Bloodhound Knight is born fully armed, and they are incapable of shedding their armor and discarding their weapons. Their plate armor is flexible by virtue of its flexible chainmail joints, and allows the Bloodhound Knights to partake in their acrobatic fighting styles. Their beaked helmet is designed for pecking attacks, which can decimate skulls.

Their primary weapon, however, is their undulated greatsword. Curved to inflict exsanguinating wounds, and assist in enhancing the force behind their airborne attacks. They are also armed with triplet wristblades, enchanted with the ability to quickly “blink” their user through reality. Allowing the Bloodhound Knights, or whoever wields their claws, to close the distance quickly.

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