Alvearium Uteri

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The Alvearium Uteri
The cramped, labyrinthine entrance to the Alvearium Uteri

The Alvearium Uteri is a massive bulbous device which creates Aesoteric warcastes and transmits their blueprints to birthing pods around Ja’luhhor’Alotha. It creates these castes by stirring slurries of DNA together; melding species across the realms together to create a new Aesoteric being. When the blueprint has been finished, the Alvearium Uteri will bioupload it into a sticky, argent white fluid of low viscosity. Which is then transported to other Aesoteric machines that can interpret the liquid’s message, including birthing pods. The argent white liquid is exported via the large pipes that slither from the Alvearium Uteri’s bulk. While the primordial bio-mass used to create the whitefluid is imported via smaller, snaking cables. 

It is located in a long circular room almost resembling a tunnel, which is tangled in the Alvearium Uteri’s cables and pipes. The Alvearium Uteri is an object of extreme importance to the Aesoteric, and it is protected as such; the entrance to the Alvearium Uteri is sealed off by a tri-reinforced gate, which is protected by a clearance level twelve Fleshguard, custom-made to protect the Alvearium Uteri. The Alvearium Uteri is also protected by physical Aesoteric organisms, specifically a platoon of Bio-Mechs. The platoon, known as the Alvearium Spartans, are highly trained and numerous. Each is armed with a gigantic fleshspear which is used to cleave intruders, Aesoteric or otherwise. The Spartans will die for the Alvearium Uteri, as without it, the Aesoteric will fall. 

Its importance to the Aesoteric also reinforces its position in secrecy, the existence of the Alvearium Uteri is a closely guarded secret. Only a few select Aesoteric leaders are aware of its existence. The entry tunnel to the Alvearium Uteri is small and labyrinthine, its floors covered in the cables that give the Alvearium Uteri access to its DNA goop. If any travelers stumble upon it, they are found by patrolling Spartans and passively redirected, as hostility implies importance. The source of the DNA slurry which the Alvearium Uteri is supplied, is completely unknown even to the Alvearium Spartans; an even closer-guarded enigma. 

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