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The Aaraneus is a spider-like biocybernetic footsoldier employed for reconnaissance and ranged bombardment, and is often also deployed as platoon leaders. A useless slug without mechanical augmentation, the Aaraneus permanently resides on a mechanical frame which it uses to control the quadrupedal combat suit that it uses for battle.

As mentioned above, its actual body exhibits only limited mobility, the oddly cerebral qualities of the Aaraneus make it a prime candidate for the impulse-controlled prosthetic frame that it now permanently inhabits. This prosthetic frame in turn inhabits a quadrupedal automaton fully under the control of the Aaraneus. This suit is armored with an unknown steel-like alloy, and armed with fully-automatic plasma weaponry; in addition to explosive grenade launchers.

The most iconic feature of the Aaraneus is the massive autocannon mounted via an articulated tentacle on its hind regions. This autocannon can fire both incendiary kinetic ammunition, and plasma-based explosive rounds. Certain individuals may also fire smoke bombs from their dorsal autocannon.


These versatile creatures may lead squads of Aesoteric soldiers into battles, although it is capable of communication with its allies, it does not appear to be genuinely tactically intelligent. The apex of its martial strategies may include flanking maneuvers or swarm tactics. Outside of martial duties, Aaraneus are relatively low on the Ja’luhhor’Alothian hierarchy, on the very lower end of the chain of command.

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